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Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives

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Minecraft server with no rules

2builders2tools (2b2t) is a Minecraft server founded in December 2010.[1][2][4] 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server[a] in Minecraft,[2] as well as one of the oldest running Minecraft servers of any variety.[4][8] Additionally, 2b2t's world is one of the longest-running server maps in the game, which has never been reset since its creation.[7][9][10] As the server has virtually no rules or authority, griefing[b] and hacking are common amongst players,[5][9][11] with no risk of getting banned.[7] The server is permanently set to the "hard" difficulty, and player versus player combat is enabled throughout.[6] The server has seen over 689,000 players explore its procedurally generated map, increasing its file size to over 11.8 terabytes.[10] 2b2t has been described in news media as the worst Minecraft server due to its playerbase and culture.[4][9]


An aerial render of the spawn region in July 2019, displaying the extreme amount of destruction and modification carried out to the terrain, <i>Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives</i>, including the construction of massive structures, such as the prominent Square and Compasses).
An aerial render of the spawn region in July 2019, centered on the middle of the map with a diameter of just over 4,000 blocks. The render displays the extreme amount of destruction and modification carried out to the terrain, including the construction of massive structures, such as the prominent Square and Compasses(upper right).

In a Rock, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, Shotgun article by Brendan Caldwell, 2b2t player James Rustles stated about the server's origin:[5]

It used to be a Garry's Mod server. . The basic story is that this guy who ran the Garry's Mod server started a Minecraft server with the same premise – that you can do anything you want – and this flexi 12 crack Archives then given to one of his friends, who we know as Hausemaster.

The 2b2t Minecraft server was founded in December 2010.[1] The founders are anonymous,[9] choosing to remain unknown or known only via usernames; the most prominent founder is commonly referred to as "Hausemaster" or "Hausmaster", who was described as "a quasi-mythical figure both praised and trolled" by Roisin Kiberd from Newsweek.[2][4] After being asked by Vice journalist Andrew Paul via email in 2015, the server operator stated:[9]

There was no main reason or big idea, it started out as any generic Minecraft test server in late 2010 where me and some friends played on to play the game . [A]fter a while we decided to open it up to see how much destruction could be made and started advertising it on various places on the Internet.

The server was advertised shortly after its creation on online forums Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives as 4chan, Facepunch Studios, and Reddit, whose users populated the server by the hundreds due to the total freedom it offered.[9] Members from different forums raided each other and their bases on the server.[2] The founders eventually stopped playing Minecraft, though the server remained online due to the large player base that had been formed.[9] Except in fixing game-breaking exploits, the server operator is relatively hands-off in administrating the server.[4] A subreddit was created by a player on March 25, 2012.[12] In June 2013, the file size of 2b2t's world map, which is procedurally generated, was reported to be over 500 gigabytes.[11] In October 2015, storage usage had increased to almost 800 gigabytes, with the server costing US$90 a month to maintain.[9]

A graph showing 2b2t's growth in player count from under 30,000 in 2013 to over 600,000 in 2021
Unique 2b2t players over time according to the server administrator

On June 1, 2016, YouTuber 'TheCampingRusher' uploaded a YouTube video of himself playing on 2b2t. This caused a massive influx of new players from the channel's audience, who were at first mostly tourists, as the video gained over two million views in less than four months from its upload.[2][4] The sudden influx overwhelmed the server and strained the hardware used to host and run it, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. A loose group of older players came together against these new Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Although the new players, who called themselves "Rushers", largely outnumbered the older players at the time, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, the older players had years of experience and resources.[4] Some older players deterred new players by destroying the spawn-in area to make it uninhabitable and extremely challenging to proceed from.[2][4] Some players built in-game contraptions designed solely to overload the server, with the intent of making it difficult for TheCampingRusher and his fans to play on it. Some placed obscene content around the spawn area and along player-built roads to get TheCampingRusher's YouTube videos taken down due to violations of YouTube's terms of service. The new players, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, despite having been discouraged to do so by TheCampingRusher, had destroyed bases and monuments on the server that had stood for years, which is partially what had caused such a response from the player base.[4] When Kiberd from Newsweek asked Hausemaster if he disapproved of the massive influx of new players, he responded by saying that "2b2t is definitely not ruined—in my opinion it's how it should be: absolutely chaotic."[2]

In response to the inundated server and hardware, a queue to enter the server was added. The queue gave earlier 2b2t players priority over newer players,[4] although this feature was removed after a year.[13] The regular queue moves slowly and can contain over a thousand players.[2] Waiting in the queue has been described as an onerous task. Players can pay $20 to access a separate "priority" queue for one month.[4]

As of September 2021, according to 2b2t's official subreddit (containing over 175,000 members), the file size of the server's map is more than 11.8 terabytes from over 689,000 unique players that have joined the server.[10]

Nocom exploit[edit]

Heatmap centered on the spawn region of player locations on the server from March 2020 to July 2021, created using data collected from the Nocom exploit

In 2018, a group of players called Nerds Inc. discovered a bug in 2b2t's server software that allowed players to query far-away terrain, which players cannot normally view. The loading of huge areas of terrain puts a heavy workload on the server, which Nerds Inc. used to repeatedly crash the server. This was done with the intent to incite a vulnerable bug fix into 2b2t's upstream server software (PaperMC), which now only responded to the querying of far-away terrain if it was already loaded, i.e., proximate to a player. The developers inadvertently gave anyone aware of the vulnerability the ability to test if any given area in the game world contained a player, and to read that area if so, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Nerds Inc. could now locate all online players and remotely observe the terrain around players in real time, including valuable storage of in-game items and player-built constructions.[14][15]

Correlating the coinciding timing of player join/disconnect notices and the loading/unloading of locations let Nerds Inc. tell where specific players stood, not just that a player was there.[15] The exploit became more effective with an adaptive tracking system programmed by a member of Nerds Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives predicting the paths individual players would take using Monte Carlo localization.[16][17] The data gathered amassed about 2 terabytes during the 3 years of tracking terrain, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, paths, and base locations.[15]

One group that shared members with Nerds Inc. was supplied with the locations of numerous bases which they raided, looting 200 million in-game items. They kept the exploit secret, creating fake stories behind the destruction of bases and gaslighting. They named the exploit "Nocom", Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, short for "no comment". In 2021, another group called Infinity Incursion independently created a more primitive version of the Nocom exploit, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, and, with their less concealed use of the exploit that included tracking YouTuber FitMC on the server, other groups started learning about the exploit by June 2021. On July 15, 2021, server admin Hausemaster implemented changes to 2b2t that patched the exploit. The exploit resulted in many bases and in-game item stashes being raided or destroyed, with a total of 15,000 bases being discovered by Nocom.[15]


Two "lavacasts" produced to create artificial hills and uneven terrain. Among other uses, lavacasts can be built to block the way for new players from spawn (upper left) to the rest of the map (lower right). Also visible at lower right is an incomplete lava cast (currently covered in lava).

The culture of 2b2t, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, as well as Minecraft anarchy servers in general, is inhospitable and nihilistic.[2] Players usually need to hide supplies and be well armed to survive and can expect to be killed several times.[2] This is exacerbated by the server being set to Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives difficulty and player versus player combat being enabled, making survival considerably harder.[6] Longtime players are often hostile to new players on the server,[4] whom they often call "newfags".[4][9] The server-wide chat often contains spam, trolling, and trash talking,[4] as well as racial slurs, death threats, and Nazi propaganda.[2][5] Links to obscene content and screamer videos are also common.[4] Players lie to others with the intent of sending them to in-game locations with traps.[4] A common rule among players is to not trust others.[6]

Traps are deliberately placed surrounding the area where players first join the server: pits of lava, areas lit on fire, and portals that lead to lava or enclosed areas of obsidian that force players to disconnect and reconnect, waiting through the queue again.[2][5] Some players create large obstacles called "lavacasts", in which water and lava are repeatedly poured down staircases Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives stone, creating mountains of jagged cobblestone.[5] These structures surround the spawn area, and many are as tall as the map's height limit.[11] There have occasionally been events in which dozens of players come together to take control of spawn for a time to build a large base, kill many new players, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, or destroy other bases, which are most often referred to as "spawn incursions".[5] Inexperienced players may need many attempts and multiple hours to escape the spawn area,[4][5][9] where resources have been consumed for thousands of blocks in any direction.[8] The most common cause of death is starvation from being unable to escape the spawn area.[6] A player may last around 1,500 blocks of travel without food before dying of starvation.[5] Roisin Kiberd of Newsweek speculated that enduring the challenge may be part of the appeal of 2b2t: since "nobody survives for long, there is a pride in having died there."[2]

Experienced players reside far away from the spawn area in relative safety to play the game and build.[2] The map is less destroyed further away from spawn,[6][9] allowing for trees and animals.[5] Player-built roads are used to travel out from spawn.[5][6] The server has no etiquette regarding ownership; anything that is built can be destroyed at any time if found by other players.[4] This destruction, known as griefing, is so commonplace on the server that Brendan Caldwell of Rock, Paper, Shotgun described it as being "just a form of weather".[5] Despite this culture of hostility and destruction, there is an event every April Fools' Day in which the server changes to a different map for a few days and players can come together and cooperate.[5]

Players often use a "hacked client", which is an altered version of Minecraft featuring abilities that are not in the default game client, such as X-ray vision, improved bow aim, and radar.[2][5] These clients help immensely in teamviewer crack Archives the player to navigate the environment and survive.[2][4][5] Players without these clients are at a disadvantage.[5]


Both Robert Guthrie of Kotaku and Andrew Paul of Vice have called 2b2t the worst server in Minecraft.[4][9] Paul described the server as a "fantastical world of possibility and horror."[9] Brendan Caldwell of Rock, Paper, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives described 2b2t as the game's "most obscene server."[5] In June 2012, Craig Pearson of PCGamesN called it Minecraft's most offensive server, noting 2b2t's callousness and obscenity in the form of language, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, swastikas, and its hostile player base.[6] In 2013, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, a PCGamesN article by Jeremy Peel announced Minecraft's built-in server hosting service, Minecraft Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, and mentioned that it would keep children away from 2b2t, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, an implication of the server's unsafe environment.[18] In 2014, Tim Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives wrote in a PCGamesN article addressing Microsoft about their purchase of Minecraft Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives they shouldn't get "prissy" about player-made creations, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, stating that "2b2t is still an amazing achievement, with or without the swastikas."[19]

In 2016, on both Newsweek and The Independent, Roisin Kiberd described 2b2t as a malevolent form of Minecraft, a place of beauty and terror. Kiberd called the server "hell", stating that it is "not safe for life", as the server gives "free rein to [players'] darkest impulses." Kiberd concluded that the main appeal of playing on the server comes from learning the possibilities of a server with few limits, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, as well as enduring its hostile environment.[2][20] Kiberd also noted that there is a so-called "meta-narrative" above 2b2t, involving players using YouTube and Reddit to share analysis and commentary about in-server events.[2] A 2013 IGN article and video listed 2b2t's spawn area as one of the six best things in Minecraft, describing the server as the "end boss" of Minecraft servers, a celebration of destruction and indifference. The article noted 2b2t's propensity towards griefing, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, the use of hacked clients, and player-built obscenities; and stated that players with thick skin should visit 2b2t at least once.[11]

Later, as I pass a floating swastika while shrugging off the latest barrage of anonymous insults . I realize maybe 2b2t doesn't represent the pinnacle of human ingenuity. But it still might serve a different purpose: the mapping of a collective mindscape, our virtual id, visualized and digitized for all time. The highs, the lows, the nagging voices of criticism, the thoughts we'd rather not share—who hasn't felt all of these at some point? In some ways, 2b2t is a more accurate depiction of humanity than I initially thought. Whether or not intended by its creators, the game gives imagery to an unrestrained stream of populist consciousness, the total summation of a certain segment of our species. 2b2t is like any other human mind: An infinitely expanding plane, filled with ideas both beautiful Sony Vegas Pro 18 Free Download With Crack Full Version 2021 terrifying, with an occasional voice on the wind making you feel like a fucking idiot.[9]

— The Worst Place in Minecraft, Vice (2015)

From September 8, 2018, to February 24, 2019, 2b2t was featured in the Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt exhibition of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.[21] The exhibition aimed to explore video games and their designing process, as well as how they captivate players and the social and ethical issues around them. Minecraft was heavily featured in the third section of the exhibition, which focused on games in which players "become creators and designers themselves, often as part of large online communities".[22] 2b2t represented this aspect of Minecraft, which exhibited alongside 15 other video games. The server was described as "littered with archaeological remnants of its history. a palimpsest of a landscape, written over and re-written over by feuds between players, hacks injecting vast structures into the world, and by different waves of Internet communities arriving and rampaging or attempting to settle within it."[21]

2b2t also featured in an episode of the Swedish podcast P3 Spel (P3 Games) of Sveriges Radio, which described 2b2t as Minecraft's "most talked-about" server, and how, throughout its history, it has become the "witch's cauldron of chaos" it is today.[12]


In Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development, published by Pearson Education in August 2017, 2b2t was described as being a "barren hellscape", with its nature being the "ultimate expression of the core mechanic of the game," referring to Minecraft's open-ended sandbox nature.[8]The Ultimate Minecraft Creator, published by Triumph Books in July 2014, stated that despite 2b2t's offensive language and behavior, griefing, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, and cheating, the server can be fun for some players:

This server is really like no other, and in fact, it's like no other thing in gaming. Because people cheat wildly, grief relentlessly, and absolutely wreck the area for thousands of blocks around the spawn, 2b2t's landscape turns into a nightmare wasteland which you will probably not survive. Be warned: 2b2t is not for the faint of heart or the sensitive. You will die, people will attack you and wreck/steal whatever you have, and you will very likely run into some offensive language and behavior here. That being said, it's an experience like no other and completely fun, if you're ready for what awaits you.[23]

— The Ultimate Minecraft Creator: Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives Unofficial Building Guide to Minecraft and Other Games (July 1, 2014)

Master Builder 3.0 Advanced and Ultimate Guide to Mastering Minigames and Servers, published by Triumph Books in April 2015 and April 2016 respectively, both stated that 2b2t "sits among online royalty when it comes to public [Minecraft] servers."[24][25]


  • A render of 2b2t's spawn region as of late 2017, displaying the various layers of spawn with progressive destruction proceeding inwards toward the center of the world. The render displays the -X (western) axis of the world map from 400 to 3,000 blocks from the map's center.

  • A render from the same perspective as of February 2020, which, in comparison to the render to the left, shows how the destruction of the spawn area has greatly increased over time.

  • A render of 2b2t's spawn region as of June 2019, providing an alternative side view in an isometric projection of the render in the History section.


  1. ^In the context of Minecraft, an "anarchy server" is understood as a multiplayer server with scarce or no rules,[5][6] with no possibility of getting banned from it.[7]
  2. ^In this context, griefing refers to the act of destroying or vandalizing other players' creations without permission.[2]


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-Pvp antiguo
-pronto nuevos modos!
-Staff activo

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YourTown Survival (

Game Modes:Vanilla / Survival / PvP

NOW running on 1.16.2!!

Recently renewed map, towns are already forming but the map is wide open for exploration and creativity!

Community-minded server with a family-friendly atmosphere! Come join us in the quest for survival, with perks like land claims, rollback protection, anti-grief and other server protections. Attentive staff and friendly playerbase help to make for a positive experience. Come and build your town, with us!

New features being added! Come join the community!

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Babacraft (

Game Modes:Survival / PvP / Mcmmo

About myself

Hey, I'm Photomatrix Pro 4.0.2 + crack serial keygen and I'm someone who's been dreaming of creating a minecraft server with a great community, even if It's just a small one and I've come to think that now is the time for me to invest time and money for the server.

What will Babacraft be?

I've always been a big fan of survival games, so I've been thinking of creating a survival server with mcmmo and landclaiming. Though I'm open to new ideas, that will be the main project behind it all.

What am i looking for?

I'm looking for mature people with good intentions to help me setup the server and keep it running, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. To be more specific I'm looking for all kind of staff members such as builders, devs, advertisers and graphic designers. Even though i said I'll be investing time into the server, the sad reality is that I'll be busy working for most of the time, which means I'm also looking for a server manager who will be managing the staffmembers and the server itself, while I'll be managing the finances and other administrations of the server. Note that I'm also in critical need of builders and graphic designers, thus you will get paid for your service and as for the other roles, they will be free positions without payment! (At least for now)

Where and how do i apply?

The application will consist of 2 parts:

1st part will be basic questions (must reply to this topic with the answers down below):

Position you want to apply for:
Where you live (country):

2nd part will be a short interview to get to know you a little better and feel you out a little
bit, so discord will be needed for this:

Add me: JoloTheCoco#1238

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PiKraftChu (

This server did not select any game modes.

Servidor dedicado especialmente a usuarios experimentados en minecraft (users pro)ya que la dificultad es insana, hay lunas de sangre, guerras, dificultad en economia.
¿podrás sobrevivir un dia en este servidor?

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SkyFox (

Game Modes:Spigot / Economy / Skyblock

SkyFox je server s tradicí od roku 2019, zaměřený na SkyBlock.

Naší prioritou je příjemná atmosféra. Troufám si říct, že se nám zatím na serveru daří držet super kolektiv. Pokud tedy hledáte klidnější server spíše na odreagování od všedních povinností, zkuste to u nás :)

Mezi nejvýznamnější vylepšováky našeho SkyBlocku patří:

• Vlastní ostrovy o velikosti 400x400 bloků
• Možnost hrát s až 12 kamarády na 1 ostrově
• Ovládání ostrova přes přehledné menu
• Více než 75 úkolů rozdělených do 5 úrovní
• Nastavení ostrova (vše možné od oprávnění hráčů až po spawnování mobů)
• Možnost vylepšování ostrova
• Vylepšený generátor
• In-game wiki s návody pro nováčky
• Možnost ovládání biomů na svém ostrově
• Možnost zakoupení létání (i pro "běžné" hráče - nepodporujeme P2W)
• Aukce
• Hráčské obchody
• Vylepšené hoppery
• Sluhové (minioni/roboti)

Funkce které jsou v beta verzi, nebo je připravujeme:

• Dungeony s vlastními moby
• Speciální truhly

Díky za zájem o náš server a naviděnou na SkyFoxu, Kesims - majitel serveru

A mimochodem, server běží na dedikovaném serveru s Ryzenem 3600 a 64GB RAM, takže výkonu je habaděj a lagy u nás nemají šanci!

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⚔️ Exodus Realms ✨ Survival (

Game Modes:Roleplay / Survival / Towny / PvP / PvE

Hey there! My name is MajorHoots.

I am part owner of the Survival Hereos-like server called Exodus Realms! We are a community driven server that was started by two friends that just wanted to play Minecraft their way. So we ck dongle crack latest version free download Archives a survival server with better combat and dungeons. Over the months Exodus has evolved into the amazing server that it is today, and I'm here to invite you to give us a try!

Minecraft is so much more than just Break, Craft, and Place. Inspired by classic Factions and Heroes gameplay, we have developed a unique and fun player experience, and a mix of fresh spicy custom content, without all the fuss. Exodus Realms offers many Dungeons, Events, Professions, Items, and more to add to the overall experience of Minecraft and give players a fully engaging feel to gameplay. In combination with Survival, Farming, and Guilds, you can create your own adventure!

We are a small dev team, but we are very dedicated to our player base and always try to create the content that our players enjoy. At the end of the day, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, we are just a couple of dudes with a passion for server and plugin development, so come hang out :)

We Hope To See You Online :

Join our Discord

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CraftMine - 1.16.2 Survival (

Game Modes:Cracked / Survival / Vanilla

✔️ IP:
✔️ Website:
✔️ Discord:
✔️ Be sure to follow the rules! /rules in-game.
✔️ Be sure to type /help in-game to view all available commands!

CraftMine - A server built for players to enjoy the style of vanilla with enhanced multiplayer features. We strive to keep the feel of the classic game while updating it with features to play better with other players.

✔️ Land Claims:
Worried about spending hours on a build to find out it's been destroyed by another player while you went out or to get some sleep? Worry not. Upon account creation you are rewarded with 500 claim blocks, earning 75 more every hour up too a maximum of 10,000! Not enough?! More claim blocks can be purchased with vote points or diamonds you've collected! - These blocks go past the 10,000 limit.

Your claims are safe forever, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Be it you are a active player. After 3 months of inactivity from a player, their smaller / non-finished builds may be requested to be unclaimed if it's in the way of other players.

✔️ Friendly PvP:
By default PvP is disabled on CraftMine. Players have the option to opt into PvP by enabling it with /pvp on, turning it back off with /pvp off. While PvP is enabled, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives may only fight others who also have PvP enabled. With this, by default your player drops are locked to you only. If a player kills Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, they aren't capable of picking up your loot unless unlocked.

✔️ Player-Based Mobs:
To keep with the vanilla style of mob spawns, we've enabled player-based mob caps. Simply meaning if more players hop online, you'll still have the same amount of mobs around you!

✔️ Player Homes & Warps:
By default, every player is allowed 1 /home which is created using /sethome. You can teleport back too your /home only when located in the overworld. On top of a /home, you're also able to teleport to your last slept in bed(aka respawn point) by using /bed.

Player Warps are obtained by purchasing them in the server /shop from a cost of 100 diamonds. We have multiple warp categories (Shops, farms, PvP, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, other) so whatever it is you're wanting to show off and allow other players to teleport too, purchase a warp and sett it up! (/pw help for ingame warp harm)

✔️ Player Shops
Stocked up on too many supplies & blocks? Players can purchase shopkeeper tokens from the server /shop for just 15 diamonds. These tokens are a one time use and allow creation of an editable wandering trader for the player to buy/sell/trade items with. Player shops work best after you've purchased a player warp so other players can easily access the shop. (More info of Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives are displayed when holding a shopkeeper token)

✔️ Server In-Game Shop
The only shop for the server and it used in-game currencies, vote points(obtained through voting for the server) and diamonds(obtained by mining). The server /shop sells claim blocks, warp allowance, misc, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. permissions.

✔️ Voting
The best & only way of currently supporting CraftMine! Earn a vote point everytime you vote for us on one of the websites in our /vote list. These vote points can be spent on claim blocks, increase your maximum shop placement, disable the AFK kick allowing you to stay online forever.

Vote points can also be used to upgrade your account to the [Voter] rank, this comes with minor additions like the ability to speak using colour codes - Voters also have their own /shop category where they can purchase claim blocks & player heads of their skin for diamonds.

✔️ Not p2w!
The best part of all? We're not a p2w server. Nothing is sold for real life money.

🟥 Restrictions
We try to be very fair with restrictions, only placing it when it's needed and removing it when we feel it's no longer needed. Below are a couple changes made you'll notice from a fresh world.
- Redstone limits(pistons, observers, hoppers) 30 of each placed per chunk.
- View Distance is set to be a maximum of 8.
- Dupes! Item dupes are patched and non-working, only TNT is possible to dupe as you do not receive the duped product.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip (

Game Modes:Economy / Vanilla / Survival is a semi-vanilla server built around Minecraft vanilla gameplay.

Our economy system allows you to sell selected things to the town villagers depending on their professions for diamonds. The diamonds are Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives at the town bank for virtual currency "$" at a rate of 20$ per diamond.

The virtual currency can be Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives for a wide variety of things, here are a few examples. you can buy from player shops in town or Arc-city, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, rent a plot to create your shop in town or Arc- City. You can even invest in our real estate system in Arc-city if that's your thing.

As we go we will be adding more things to do with the server eco so stay tuned for more awesome things to come out soon.

Oh ! ya before I forget you can also buy claim block with the money you made from diamonds at a rate of 2$ per block. As a default you will start with 256 claim blocks, to claim your land simply use the golden shovel in your inventory that was supplied when you logged in for the first time. To buy more claim block do /buyclaimblocks "amount" to learn more do /help. also has a vote shop that rewards you in points for your continued support.

Do /vote to discover the voting links, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Each link will give you 5 points daily, you can spend them in our vote shop with /shop. Cool perks can be obtained such as fly for 24h, night vision for an hour, extra set homes and even a pet block if that's your thing.

Welcome to Arc-city home of money!

Here you can purchase and sell property, anything from a small bare plot, shop plot to a huge lavish mansion, possibilities are endless here.

To buy land you can do two things, either you look in our discord real estate channel for available houses. Or with /as find, this will allow you to search for a house within your budget. You can define a search like this /as find buy "maxprice".

To sell your property you will need to visit a real estate agency and drop your request in the dropbox, in a book signed with your name, write your address ex: d2a2 with the purchase price of your house. To accurately evaluate your house add renovations you did if applicable.

The real estate agency will fulfil your request and post the house for sale on your behalf in the market, players will able to see your house in the discord channel with detailed pictures.

Limitations do apply to the amount of property you can own, only one shop plot and 3 purchased properties per player.

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McSidpatchy (

Game Modes:Survival / PvE / Spigot / Skyblock / Economy

Enjoy a lag-free survival experience on Minecraft 1.16. McSidpatchy never resets so you don't have to worry about losing your builds. Even better, McSidpatchy updates fast so you can experience the latest updates without having to wait.

McSidpatchy is proud to announce a Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives way to play Skyblock. McSidpatchy has the most "technology" focused approach out there.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip

TATF Survival Minecraft Server (

Game Modes:Survival / Spigot / Economy / Mcmmo

TATF Survival Minecraft Server

What does our server offer?

- New Spawn with world crossing portals
- Reworked economy which is always improving
- Survival with some of the best plugins and always adding more
- Amazing MC staff always happy to help with any problems or issues
- Always looking for new and amazing staff
- Suggestions/ideas

What plugins our server currently uses:

1. Advanced Portals
2. Armourstandeditor
3. AuctionHouse
Flashboot Pro 2021 Crack v3.3 Method:. BetterRTP
5. CoreProtect
6. DiscordSRV Build
7. EssentialsX
8. Harbor
9. HeadsPluginAPI
10. HolographicDisplays
11. ID Libary
12. LockettePro
13. LuckPerms
14. mcMMO
15. Modern LWC
16. Multiverse Core
17. ProtocolLib
18. Vault
19. Worldedit
20. Worldguard

TATF Discord Server Info:

- Regularly monitored by a fantastic staff team.
- Open to everyone
- Has an Awesome looking spawn for you to explore.
- 13,000 member discord that is very active both in minecraft and other games

We hope you join us and have a great time!

Server ip and port:


TATF is a discord community which does events and giveaways on different games for example: Planetside 2, Minecraft, Star Citizen and more. We are always looking for new and active members to join our friendly community.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip

NZnetwork Minecraft 1.8 -1.15.2 - Bungee (

Game Modes:Anarchy / Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives / Minigames / Creative / Survival / Hardcore

NZnetwork Minecraft - Minecraft servers running since 2010!

The following two web addresses will work to access this 1.16.2 server

We also have a discord!

We have multiple worlds AND servers consisting of.
Build Battle
World edit Creative
Hardcore - 2 worlds for your chosing
Archive worlds
Anarchy - Go wild!

The community on NZnetwork's minecraft servers is one which has been known to spend hours on a Friday night building together or just getting upto general mischief by building the most random structures you could imagine.
We aim to provide near 100% uptime, because an offline server just plain old sucks.

To limit the risk of griefing and trouble makers, we run rollback and logging software and only allow players who have built a creation to access creative mode freely on our creative servers. This system has proven itself very stable as people who have wanted to destroy others builds don't hang around and any that do slip through can do limited damage in survival mode. We can always roll back any damage they do anyway!

A little history about NZnetwork, We are one of the oldest running Minecraft servers in New Zealand (and probably the world) and have been online since 2010. Over 5000 players have joined this server since it's initial release in 2010. All these players were only from New Zealand as the server was originally IP locked to New Zealand players only

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip

Velocity (

Game Modes:Adventure / PvE / Economy / PvP / Bukkit / Spigot

Velocity alpha release! You will be dropped into an actually great looking city with crates scattered around. Search the crates for weapons and supplies and combat other players using the unique /loadout system.

Velocity is a first person shooter PvP gamemode for Minecraft, with all the gun classics, quality gun models, and even custom coded plugins.

I regret to inform you that we do not have a meme channel, but we do have an endless amount of memes as well as a custom bot programmed by AkasakaKona, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, as well as DiscordSRVs Minecraft-Discord channel.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip

Pathis Orb (

Game Modes:Vanilla / Survival

Last World Reset 08 2020
A Vanilla Survival Experience. Builders Community (groups/anti-grief). We are a community of survival builders tired of over-developed, Plugin-based servers.

We thrive on creative building, trading, and generally allowing our imaginations to take on their own forms!

​Highly offensive language, bullying, racism and other forms of abuse are all forbidden; kids and adults alike can play here without fear of unnecessary profanity filling their screens. Chat rule: Keep it PG-13

Dedicated host and team of active developers and moderators, all working together to ensure the community is happy.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip

KingdomCraftOfficial (

Game Modes:PvE / Towny / Economy / Spigot / Mcmmo

Welcome to.

● K I N G D O M C R A F T ! ●

> A new, fun Towny Server with: <

<●> Crates

<●> Kits and Ranks

<●> Marketplace and Auction House

<●> mcMMo

<●> Paper 1.16.2

<●> EssentialsX

<●> Hard Difficulty

<●> Detailed Spawn

Join our Discord Server:

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip

Skylecraft (

Game Modes:Towny / Survival / Minigames / Parkour

Servidor hispanohablante

Tenemos towny, minigames y parkours para entrenerte.

Somos una comunidad en creciente aumento.

Siempre estamos abiertos para sus sigerencias.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16.2 server using the ip

Load More.
Источник: WhatsApp Archives - 10 (Ten) Crack Software Collection
KeyType Default Value Description allow-flightboolean false Allows users to use flight on the server while in Survival mode, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, if they have a mod that provides flight installed.

With Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives enabled, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, griefers may become more common, because it makes their work easier. In Creative mode, this has no effect, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives.

false - Flight is not allowed (players in air for at least 5 seconds get kicked).
true - Flight is allowed, and used if the player has a fly mod installed.
allow-netherboolean true Allows players to travel to the Nether.
false - Nether portals do not work.
true - The server allows portals to send players to the Nether.
broadcast-console-to-opsboolean true Send console command outputs to all online operators. broadcast-rcon-to-opsboolean true Send rcon console command outputs to all online operators. difficultystring easy Defines the difficulty (such as damage dealt by mobs and the way hunger and poison affects players) of the server.

If a legacy difficulty number is specified, it is silently converted to a difficulty name.

peaceful (0)
easy (1)
normal (2)
hard (3)
enable-command-blockboolean false Enables command blocks enable-jmx-monitoringboolean false Exposes an MBean with the Object name and two attributes and exposing the tick times in milliseconds.

In order for enabling JMX on the Java runtime you also need to add a couple of JVM flags to the startup as documented here.

enable-rconboolean false Enables remote access to the server TemplateToaster Keygen Archives.
  • It's not recommended to expose RCON to the Internet, because RCON protocol transfers everything without encryption. Everything (including RCON password) communicated between the RCON server and client can be leaked to someone listening in on your connection.
sync-chunk-writesboolean true Enables synchronous chunk writes. enable-statusboolean true Makes the server appear as "online" on the server list.

If set to false, it will suppress replies from clients. This means it will appear as offline, but will still accept connections.

enable-queryboolean false Enables GameSpy4 protocol server listener, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Used to get information about server. entity-broadcast-range-percentageinteger (10-1000) 100 Controls how close entities need to be Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives being sent to clients. Higher values means they'll be rendered from farther away, potentially causing more lag. This is expressed the percentage of the default value. For example, setting to 50 will make it half as usual. This mimics the function on the client video settings (not unlike Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives Distance, which the client can customize so long as it's under the server's setting), Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. force-gamemodeboolean false Force players to join in the default game mode.
false - Players join in the gamemode they left in.
true - Players always join in the default gamemode.
function-permission-levelinteger (1-4) 2 Sets the default permission level for functions.

See permission level for Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives details on the 4 levels.

gamemodestring survival Defines the mode of gameplay.

If a legacy gamemode number is specified, it is silently converted to a gamemode name.

survival (0)
creative (1)
adventure (2)
spectator (3)
generate-structuresboolean true Defines whether structures (such Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives villages) can be generated.
false - Structures are not generated in new chunks.
true - Structures are generated in new chunks.

Note:Dungeons still generate if this is set to false.

generator-settingsstring blankThe settings used to customize world generation. Follow its format and write the corresponding JSON string. Remember to escape all with. hardcoreboolean false If set to true, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, server difficulty is ignored and set to hard and players are set to spectator mode if they die. level-namestring world The "level-name" value is used as the world name and its folder name. The player may also copy their saved game folder here, and change the name to the same as that folder's to load it instead.
Characters such as ' (apostrophe) may need to be escaped by adding a backslash before them.
level-seedstring blankSets a world seed for the player's world, as in Singleplayer. The world generates Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives a random seed if left blank.
Some examples are: minecraft, 404, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, 1a2b3c.
level-typestring default Determines the type of map that is generated.
default - Standard world with hills, valleys, water, etc.
flat - A flat world with no features, can be modified with generator-settings.
largeBiomes - Same as default but all biomes are larger.
amplified - Same as default but world-generation height limit is increased.
buffet - Only for 1.15 or before. Same as default unless generator-settings is set.
default_1_1 - Only for 1.15 or before. Same as default, but counted as a different world type.
customized - Only for 1.15 or before. After 1.13, this value is no different than default, but in 1.12 and before, it could be used to create a completely custom world.
max-build-heightinteger 256 The maximum height allowed for building. Terrain may still naturally generate above a low height limit, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. 256 is the maximum possible, it also has to be a multiple of 8. max-playersinteger (0-(2^31 - 1)) 20 The maximum number Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives players that can play on the server at the same time. Note that more players on the server consume more resources. Note also, op player connections are not supposed to count against the max players, but ops currently cannot join a full server. However, this can be changed by going to the file called ops.json in the player's server directory, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, opening it, finding the op that the player wants to change, and changing the setting called bypassesPlayerLimit to true (the default is false). This means that that op does not have to wait for a player to leave in order to join. Extremely large values for this field result in the client-side user list being broken. max-tick-time
integer (0–(2^63 - 1)) 60000 The maximum number of milliseconds a single tick may take before the server watchdog stops the server with the message, A single server tick took 60.00 seconds (should be max 0.05); Considering it to be crashed, server will forcibly shutdown. Once this criterion is met, it calls System.exit(1).
-1 - disable watchdog entirely (this disable option was added in 14w32a)
integer (1-29999984) 29999984 This sets the maximum possible size in blocks, expressed as a radius, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, that the world border can obtain. Setting the world border bigger causes the commands to complete successfully but the actual border does not move past this block limit, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Setting the max-world-size higher than the default doesn't appear to do anything.


  • Setting max-world-size to 1000 allows the player to have a 2000×2000 world border.
  • Setting max-world-size to 4000 gives the player an 8000×8000 world border.
motdstring A Minecraft ServerThis is the message that is displayed in the server list of the client, below the name.
  • The MOTD supports color and formatting codes.
  • The MOTD supports special characters, such as "♥". However, such characters must be converted to escaped Unicode form. An online converter can be found here.
  • If the MOTD is over 59 characters, the server list may report a communication error.
integer 256 By default it allows packets that are n-1 bytes big to go normally, but a packet of n bytes or more gets compressed down. So, a lower number means more compression but compressing small amounts of bytes might actually end up with a larger result than what went in.
-1 - disable compression entirely
0 - compress everything

Note:The Ethernet spec requires that packets less than 64 bytes become padded to 64 bytes. Thus, setting a value lower than 64 may not be beneficial. It is also not recommended to exceed the MTU, typically 1500 bytes.

online-modeboolean true Server checks connecting players against Minecraft account database, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Set this to false only if the player's server is not connected to the Internet, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Hackers with fake accounts can connect if this is set to false! If is down or inaccessible, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives players can connect if this is set to true. Setting this variable to off purposely is called "cracking" a server, and servers that are present with online mode off are called "cracked" servers, allowing players with unlicensed copies of Minecraft to join.
true - Enabled. The server assumes it has an Internet connection and checks every connecting player.
false - Disabled. The server does not attempt to check connecting players.
op-permission-levelinteger (0-4) 4 Sets the default permission level for ops when using. player-idle-timeoutinteger 0 If non-zero, players are kicked from the server if they are idle for more than that many minutes.
Note:Idle time is reset when the server receives one of the following packets:
prevent-proxy-connectionsboolean false If the ISP/AS sent from the server is different from the one from Mojang Studios' authentication server, the player is kicked
true - Enabled, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. Server prevents users from using vpns or proxies.
false - Disabled, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. The server doesn't prevent users from using vpns or proxies.
pvpboolean true Enable PvP on the server. Players shooting themselves with arrows receive damage Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives if PvP is enabled, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives.
true - Players can kill each other.
false - Players cannot kill other players (also known as Player versus Environment (PvE)).

Note:Indirect damage sources spawned by players (such as lava, fire, TNT and to some extent water, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, sand and gravel) still deal damage to other players.

query.portinteger (1-(2^16 - 2)) 25565 Sets the port for the query server (see enable-query). rate-limitinteger 0 Sets the maximum amount of packets a user can send before getting kicked. Setting to 0 disables this feature. rcon.passwordstring blankSets the password for RCON: a remote console protocol that can allow other applications to connect and interact with a Minecraft server over the internet. rcon.portinteger (1-(2^16 - 2)) 25575 Sets the RCON network port. resource-packstring blankOptional URI to a resource pack, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. The player may choose to use it.

Note that (in some versions before 1.15.2), the ":" and "=" characters need to be escaped with a backslash (\), Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. http\://\=somevalue

The resource pack may not have a larger file size than 100 MiB (Before 1.15: 50 MiB (≈ 50.4 MB)). Note that download success or failure is logged by the client, and not by the server.

string blank

Optional, adds a custom message to be shown on resource pack prompt when is used.

Expects chat component syntax, can contain multiple lines.

string blank Optional SHA-1 digest of the resource pack, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives lowercase hexadecimal. It is recommended to specify this, because it is used to verify the integrity of the resource pack.

Note: If the resource pack is any different, a yellow message "Invalid sha1 for resource-pack-sha1" appears in the console when the server starts. Due to the nature of hash functions, errors have a tiny probability of occurring, so this consequence has no effect.

require-resource-packboolean false When this option is enabled (set to true), players will be prompted for a response and will be disconnected if they decline deezer onhax 2020 Archives required pack. server-ipstring blankThe player should set this if they want the server to bind to a particular IP, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. It is strongly recommended that the player leaves server-ip blank.
Set to blank, or the IP the player want their server to run (listen) on.
server-portinteger (1-(2^16 - 2)) 25565 Changes the port the server is hosting (listening) on. This port must be forwarded if the server is hosted in a network using NAT (if the player has a home router/firewall). simulation-distance[upcoming:JE 1.18][more information needed][more information needed][more information needed]snooper-enabledboolean true Sets whether the server sends snoop data regularly to
false - disable snooping.
true - enable snooping.
spawn-animalsboolean true Determines if animals can spawn.
true - Animals spawn as normal.
false - Animals immediately vanish.

If the player has major lag, it is recommended to turn this off/set to false.

spawn-monstersboolean true Determines if monsters can spawn.
true - Enabled. Monsters appear at night and in the dark.
false - Disabled. No monsters.

This setting has no effect if difficulty = 0 (peaceful). If difficulty is not = 0, a monster can still spawn from Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives spawner.

If the player has major lag, it is recommended to turn this off/set to false.

spawn-npcsboolean true Determines whether villagers can spawn.
true - Enabled. Villagers spawn.
false - Disabled. No villagers.
spawn-protectioninteger 16 Determines the side length of the square spawn protection area as 2x+1. Setting this to 0 disables the spawn protection. A value of 1 protects a 3×3 square centered on the spawn point, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives. 2 protects 5×5, 3 protects 7×7, etc. This option is not generated on the first server start and appears when the first player joins. If there are no ops set on the server, the spawn protection is disabled automatically as well. text-filtering-config[more information needed][more information needed][more information needed]use-native-transportboolean true Linux server performance improvements: optimized packet sending/receiving on Linux
true - Enabled. Enable Linux packet sending/receiving optimization
false - Disabled. Disable Linux packet sending/receiving optimization
view-distanceinteger (3-32) 10 Sets the amount of world data the server sends the client, measured in chunks in each direction of the Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives (radius, not diameter). It determines the server-side viewing distance.

10 is the default/recommended. If the player has major lag, this value is recommended to be reduced.

white-listboolean false Enables a whitelist on the server, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives.

With a whitelist enabled, users not on the whitelist cannot connect. Intended for private servers, such as those for real-life friends or strangers carefully selected via an application process, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, for example.

false - No white list is used.
true - The file whitelist.json is used to generate the white list.

Note:Ops are automatically whitelisted, and there is no need to add them to the whitelist.

enforce-whitelistboolean false Enforces the whitelist on the server, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives.

When this option is enabled, Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives, users who are not present on the whitelist (if it's enabled) get kicked from the server after the server reloads the whitelist file.

false - No user gets kicked if not on the whitelist.
true - Online Minecraft 1.16.3 Cracked Archives not on the whitelist get kicked.
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