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1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen

1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen

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Gic m b nh mtHancock - Siu nhn ci bang (2008) DVDRip! Only 1 link!Hi chng s., 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. ly chngNgi p Phng ng (updating.)Hnh ny do n ng hay n b chpxin gii thiu mt cng c SNMP n gin qun l bng dng lnh cng c Net-SNMP (vit bng Perl), 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. g lnh th vo Command Prompt ca Windows hoc Console trong Linux, nh ci t cng c trc nhe .

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dng lnh truy vn, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen, rt ph hp vi vic lm quen giao thc SNMP, sau y l chi tit cch ci t, cu hnh v s dng cng c 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. Ci t, cu hnh 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen s dng: 1. Ci t, cu hnh:

C th download cc bn ci t t mt trong hai a ch sau:

a. Trn Windows:

Ci t dch v SNMP:

Mc nh h iu hnh Windows khng ci dch v h tr cho giao thc SNMP, ci thm ta Vo Control Panel, double click vo Add Remove Programs -> Add Remove Window Components. Chn Management and Monitoring Tools.

Khi khi ci, ta s c thm 2 dch v h tr SNMP l SNMP Service v SNMP Trap Service.

Cu hnh community trn cc dch v ca SNMP:

M dch v SNMP Service voTab security, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen, tab ny cho php thit lp community c ngha ging nh mt khu gia thit b qun l v thit b cn qun l.

i vi mi Community s i km vi quyn (rights) khc nhau: READ-ONLY: ch cho php ch c, khng thit lp li thng s c, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. READ-WRITE: cho php thit lp li thng s, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. READ-CREATE: cho php to ra thng s NOTIFY: dng cho c ch trapping. NONE: community khng c quyn g ht, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. l thit lp quyn pha ngi dng, tht ra th bn thn mi tham bin cng c quyn ca ring n, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. V d: i vi tham bin v thi gian UpTime ca h thng th ta khng set gi tr li c, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. Mt khc, i vi tham bin system.sysContact th ta 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen th t li gi tr c.

Sau khi cu hnh dch v, cn restart li dch v.

b, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. Trn Linux:

C th dng gi ci thm hoc dng cng c Net-SNMP c sn trong mt s distro Linux. S dng gi ci: Gii nn, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen lin kt mm vi net-snmp: #cd # tar -xvzf net-snmp-5.0.2.tar.gz #ln -s net-snmp-5.0.2 net-snmp #cd 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen #./configure (SNMPv1 mc nh c s dng) Bin dch: #make

Ci t: #make installNn thit lp thm bin mi trngATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin MIBS=ALL export PATH MIBSS dng dch v c sn trong Linux:

Ta c th s dng dch v SNMP v cng c Net-SNMP c sn ca Linux. Mc nh th dch v SNMP khng c ci trn Linux nn phi ci thm vo, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. i vi distro Fedora Core 4 th ci thm trong mc System Tools/snmpd. Sau khi ci th s c thm hai dch v l snmpd v snmptrapd.

Khc vi trong Windows, nu ta mun thit lp community cho dch v SNMP th phi sa li file cu hnh /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf nh sau:

Sau mi ln chnh sa file cu hnh th g lnh service snmpd restart khi ng li dch v SNMP ng vi ln chnh sa mi.

Sau khi cu hnh xong th s dng dng lnh qun l, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. Phn ny ging nh trong windows, c trnh by mc 2 tip theo.

2, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. S dng: Mt s lnh qun l dng giao thc SNMP, ch cc cu lnh g vo Jogos de Naval de Graça para Baixar in m v nghing trong mi v d, ch nghing khng t m l kt qu xut ra:

a, 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen. 1-More PhotoCalendar 1.20 crack serial keygen Lnh snmpget c s dng ly d liu t mt host no bng cch cung cp tn host, thng tin xc thc v mt OID.

C php:

snmpget [-Cf] [options.] {} [ .]

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