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@bubblegumteaaa says:

Tumblr media

My dude Connor would definitely be excited to go and travel!!!! Like, when Hank first tells him what the plan was, it took Connor a moment to react, but after a moment, his eyes lit up, and he actually looked excited to be going somewhere that wasn't even in Detroit

And he would make such a big deal out of it too tho??? Like, depending on where they're going, Connor would make sure to make down a list of essentials they were going to need, made sure to check regularly on the weather in case they needed to bring umbrellas or sun screen or smth I dunno

And the excitement rubs off on Sumo too, and he's jumping around and drooling and following Connor around as he prepares things because he's excited as well??? Hank cant even find it in himself to be annoyed because seeing the two of them looking so happy is just the best????

And when they finally hit the road, Hank and Connor are in the front, while Sumo is in the back, and you know, since Sumo is a dog, he gonna stick his head out the window. And Connor notices, wonders if that's fun, amd sticks his head out of his own window, and Hank nearly has a heart attack like Connor stop you're gonna die

And when they finally get to where they planned, they just have a good time together, and Connor reminds Hank to take pictures so they can remember everything, and it's just the best thing ever for Connor bro :')))))

#i live for connor having fun and shit#connor would stick his head out the window tho#precious baby boy#hank anderson#hank dbh#connor#connor dbh#sumo#sumo dbh#detroit become human#ask cabbage

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Not Your Fault

Bullied!Reader x Connor

Summary: Deviant Connor visits you in college and feels guilty when he finds out that you aren’t being treated very well.

Tumblr media

Hurt + Comfort

Mentions of bullying

Slut shaming

Gender neutral reader


Slight Angst


He had been so ready to see you again. Even in the presence of his beloved friend Sumo, he felt as if something was missing.

He knew that it would be difficult when you decided that you’d be going to college to gain a better degree.

He knew it, and yet

Not having your around was far more draining than he’d ever thought it would be.

Sure, he was fine, for the most part. He worked with Hank at the DPD, He’d video chat with you as much as he possibly could with both of your busy schedules, and he devoted much of his free time to talk with you, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], discussing your day, your life, so many hours away.

It certainly was challenging, and he held himself well, most of the time, but sometimes he just felt so trapped, like the only thing that could've made his day bright was the one thing he couldn't be around.

None of that mattered today because today, you'd be together again. If your college wasn't so far away, he’d have visited you every weekend, if not several times a week, but again, you were several states away, and the both of you were incredibly busy.

“Don’t short circuit, kid.” Hank had said gruffly as Connor bustled around the house, packing a backpack.

After saying goodbye to his little family, Connor was off to the airport.

He quite liked being on planes, sitting next to the window.

He’d watch the clouds pass by. Normally, you’d be there with him, but he was still excited being there on his own, since he was on his way to see you, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest].

His smartphone buzzed under his palm.

One(1) new message from y/n❤️

How are u doing, roboboy? :]

Connor smiled down at the screen, feeling his artificial heart pump in his chest. He lifted his thumbs to type a response.

I’m currently on the plane! I should be landing in an hour and twelve minutes.



Not even two minutes later, his cellphone buzzed again.

One(1) new message from y/n❤️

Yay! Im so excited to see you 🥰 I cleaned the dorm and everything 😅

Receiving such happy messages from you made him all the more anxious to arrive at your college. With every second that passed in that plane, he become more and more ready to see you again.

You stood in your dorm, growing at your thumb nail in anticipation of Connor’s arrival.

You hadn’t told him about it, but things were rough.

You were taking a debate class just as a fun activity to add to your schedule, and while debating android related topics, you had mentioned that your boyfriend is an android.

You didn’t see the problem with that. It was the truth, and you weren’t aware that it was SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] you had to hide. The torment that came after was alarming, to say the least.

You wouldn’t dare tell Connor about it. You knew he’d be upset, guilty that he wasn’t there with you.

He didn’t need to know, and it would hurt him in he did, so he wasn’t going to know.

You didn’t regret talking about your relationship with Connor. The fact that he was an android was not something deterred you. You loved him no more or less than you would if he was human and he loved you in the same way.

Opening the front door for him, the five months of loneliness suddenly melted away. As you hugged him, you forgot about the many days you’d spent in a cold bed alone.

“C-Connor,” You stammered, tapping his back as he squeezed you with what seemed like all of the strength in his body.

“Sorry,” He eased up, loosening his grip slightly, “I overdid it a little bit,” He sighed, closing his eyes as you hugged him back, “I missed you” Connor admitted. “I had this dull feeling the whole time, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.”

You smiled into his shoulder, finding comfort in the familiar noise of his heart beat and the whirring of machinery within him, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest].

“I recognize that I’m just an android cop,” He muttered, blinking his eyes open, “but Would it be ostentatious to wonder if you missed me too?”

“Oh, Connor,” You pulled back to look at him, “don’t be so humble” You trailed your fingertips up to his face, “Of course, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], I missed you. I missed you every single day. How could I not?”

Connor smiled at the feeling of your kiss on his cheek, something he hadn’t been able to experience in a long five months.

“Come, sit down,” You smiled, pulling him in by the sleeve, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. You closed the door behind him.

The faint blue tint on Connor’s face was unwavering. His eyes were bright and full of life. He sat on the edge of your bed and looked around.

A garbage can full of paper, a picture of him on your desk from your date to the aquarium, many textbooks piled up on a shelf.

You sat down next to him, reaching experimentally for the hand resting on his thigh. “It’s so lonely without you.”

“I’m right here,” He said, leaning into your touch. Connor glanced at the bed on the other side of the room, “Is that where your roommate sleeps?”

“Yeah,” You smiled, “she’s a couple of rooms down the hall right now, I’ll go get her for you.”

Connor nodded, happy that you were willing to share this part of your life with him.

You stood up, “I’ll be right back, I swear. I don't wanna spend any more time away from you than I have to.”

“Don’t worry, ” He smiled, “I’ll look around until you get back.”

As you slipped out the door, Connor stood up and looked at the photo of him that sat on your desk.

It was taken without his knowledge while he was staring at the fish in one of the bigger tanks I'm the aquarium, eyes full of wonder. The blue shades in the water reflected onto his face.

He wished he had SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] similar secret photo of you, although he could just replay his memories anytime he liked and see you in those moments again.

Your laptop sat in the middle of your desk, plugged into the wall. You did many of your school assignments on it. Maybe Connor could help you out with some work while he was here.

There was a calendar on your wall. Today’s date was circled with red marker. Within the circle, it said, “Connor arrives <3”.

A week from now you had jotted down that you’d have a test. A few Your Uninstaller! 7.0.2010.13 crack serial keygen ago, you had written that you had to turn in an exam.

Connor’s head turned at the sound of something being jammed under the door.

It was a mint green piece of paper, about the size of something torn from a notepad.

He stood up and walked over to the door, wondering if you had slipped something under it for him.

When he picked up the piece of paper, his smile immediately dropped.

“Such a slut that you’re getting off with an android. You should be ashamed, y/n.”

Connor blinked, re-reading those two sentences over and over again.

How could someone say something like this to you?

He leaped to his feet and opened the door, eager to tell whoever put that note there that they had the wrong idea.

Looking out into the hallway, no one was there. Connor furrowed his eyebrows, LED a prominent yellow color.

He shut the door and turned to the small garbage can, realizing that the piece of paper he was holding was the exact same color as the paper in the bin.

He kneeled in front of the garbage can, pulling out one of the pieces of paper. It felt strange to rifle through your trash, but curiosity overtook him, and he found that he had to discern what was happening.

Unfolding the piece of paper, his emotions worsened.

“Android loving whore”

He unfolded another one.

“Do you make out with refrigerators too?”

And another.

“Get a real boyfriend already, freak. So lonely that you’re dating a machine.”

And another

“Try dating someone who’s capable of loving you back, not that anyone would love you.”

Sooner or later, Connor was sitting on the floor, surrounded by wrinkled sheets of green paper.

It’s not true They don’t understand, Connor tried to remind himself. They didn't really know you or him. Even so, he felt himself become upset.

He kept his head down, starting at one of the pieces of paper with a blaring Red LED as you came back in.

“Hey, so apparently my room mate left for class. Do you maybe wa- Oh.” You stopped talking, looking at him. “Shit, Connor. Listen, I wrote those.”

“No, you didn't.” He said, furrowing his eyebrows. “This is not your handwriting. Someone wrote these to you.”

“Hey, ” You sat next to him, reaching out to touch his arm, “It’s alright.”

“It’s not alright, ” He shook his head, becoming SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] obviously upset, “why didn't you tell me? Why are they saying these things to you?”

You sighed, pulling away, “A bunch of people found out about us, or, more specifically, that you’re an android.”


“So they like to make fun of me for it because they're assholes.” You explained, “usually, they just stick those dumb notes under my door. Sometimes they'll make me the brunt of a joke in public, but It's usually the notes.”

Connor frowned, “Why is it funny that you date me?”

You felt your heart sink, “No, ” you reached out to hold his hand, which was still gripping one of of the crinkled pieces of paper, “no, it's not funny at all. That’s what I’m saying, Con They think it’s funny because they're jerks who don't like androids.”

He dropped the paper, looking down, “They’re bullying SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] because of me”

“Connor, ” you mumbled. What were you supposed to say? It was technically true, but you hadn't expected him to take it so personally.

“Why didn't you tell me? You should have told me, ” He tilted his head, feeling a heaviness in his chest.

“I didn’t want it to upset you, ” You explained, “I didn't want you to worry. I should've said something.”

“Don't tell anyone that I’m an android anymore, ” He looked up at you, “If it's Record 1.5 propellerheaf keygen,serial,crack,generator or if it makes you get made fun of, I don’t want that. It’s my fault.”

“Connor, no, ” You squeezed his hand, “I’m not going to hide who you are in order to stop people from making jokes about me. I’m not ashamed of you.”

“But I’m an android, ” He said, “People will bully you if you tell the truth.” He couldn't stand the thought of you being mistreated, especially when it was because you were with him.

“That’s alright.” You said, “I’d rather be proud to be with you and have them bully me than hide you away and not be bullied.”

He relaxed slightly, letting you scooch over to him until you were leaning in, against his shoulder, “I don't like the things they say SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] you.” He whispered as you rested in the crook of his neck, “They’re not true.”

“I know, ” You mumbled, “but it’s not your fault, and there's no one I’d rather date than you, android or otherwise.”

Connor just smiled.

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karate with mikey and baji

(a/n: head cannons on becoming friends with mikey and baji at mikey’s grandpa’s dojo! ps. this might be way too long and detailed haha)

-so there you were, a shy fourteen year old forced to go to karate lessons because your mother forced you to go along with your older sister.

-your tummy rumbled as if sumo wrestlers were hurling themselves on the wall of your tummy. you sunk down in the car seat sliding an earpod in and turning on your playlist as your sister drove.

-when you finally reached the place you sighed and squared your shoulders to look slightly more confident, taking extra care not to trip just in case anyone was looking out the window.

-your sister went up to the old man and his black haired helper and introduced herself and you.

”ah, I got the email, I’m so glad you were able to make it today” one of them says. you look at his belt and it’s black.

-looking around the class you see two boys warming up and bickering with each other as they went to stretch their hand to their toe. -with a total of 4 black belts and 3 reds and a yellow belt, you decided it wouldn’t be too bad to GTA 3 crack serial keygen to play catch up.

-until you started doing circuits and it included push ups. of course, not having exercised since your foetus days you fell to the ground after a few push-ups, on your face.

-your face flushed as you heard a few sniggers, knowing that it was probably those two boys from earlier who were stretching, the ones with black and blonde hair.

-then you moved onto doing some kicking drills, you failing miserably. worst of all you got paired with the black haired kid, who tried not to look at your sad excuse of a kick.

-and when I tell you that my guy put everything he had into kicking the pad when it was his turn. like bro you went straight into the wall and glared at him.

-he just grinned and said sorry.

-the blonde nudged him and snickered. “wouldn’t expect you to hit a newbie that hard”

-after a while the older looking boy with black hair came over and saw you were struggling so he decided to teach you fundamental stuff like how to punch properly.

”your sister said she did karate so I thought you might’ve too, should’ve asked about that”

-he said his name was shinichiro and you started to smile realising that maybe it wasn’t so bad doing karate.

-or maybe because it was your young brain crushing SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] an attractive man the second you set your eyes on him.

-but yeah he made the learning part enjoyable, encouraging and praising you SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] you did it right and correcting when necessary

-so you decided to stick with karate for a while just to see how long you could last.

-you learned that the boys names were mikey and baji, and they were your age. they were a little mean at the start but then they started to correct your mistakes nicely.

-you found yourself slowly opening up to them and making jokes with them.

-then came time for sparring after a few months and you got paired with mikey.

-needless to say he did not expect that much strength to come out of your fists only after a few months.

-you saw it in his face, the shock, but he quickly hid it as you jabbed him a little more. -he took you and flipped you on the ground squatting to look at your face

”that was really good y’know”

and when baji has the time he always adds in his little remarks.

mikey: so in this kick- wait what’s in this kick.

baji: wowwwww, you don’t even know what this kick does to the opponent, get out, you blasphemous human”

you: I don’t think blasphemous is used in that contex-

cue mikey and baji going into a full blown argument which ends up with shinichiro hitting their heads with a rolled up paper.

honestly they probably caught onto your little crush SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] shinichiro and might’ve teased you just the tiniest bit.

and sometimes after class, you, mikey, baji, your sister and sometimes shinichiro would drive out after class to get some ice cream or treats.

all in all, mikey and baji didn’t expect to have their duo in karate turn into a trio but they were happy to have such a promising opponen.

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Since I’m currently rewatching SDC in the English dub, here are some bits, with or without context, that made me smirk the second time around with more grasp on the language and that are mostly just bizarrely wacky. (Sometimes I’m switching between languages just for science)

• *Dio caressing his naked torso* “JONATHAN JOESTAR’S BODY!”

• “Oh I get it now” *tosses painting into a tree*

• “Soooo while Jojo is taking off his pants”

• “No one can just deflect the Emerald Splash!” (A classic)

• “This green, stripy thing looks like a shiny melon.”

• not dialogue, but that one shot of the spoon with the “menacing” dancing around it

• “Non non non non non!”

• “Quit your bitchin’ old man.”

• *about flesh buds* “Now we can all be BUDDIES!”

• “Tell ‘em Avdol!” *thumbs down*

• “Let’s figure out what our strategy will be when Soul Sacrifice [Devo] attacks.” *Polnareff, bleeding all over, clearly coming from a fight* “You’re kidding, right?”

• “You vile little cockroach dick!”

• “Oh yes I do love coconuts.”

• “Have wu wost wur sense of wumour? :’(((“

• “Wait a minute this isn’t Kakyoin!” (It took for the imposters face to melt until he figured that out.)

• “Gaze upon my handsome face with ENVY!”

• “I was sunbathing by the pool.” “With your school uniform?” “Yes, why not?”

• “Is this your kid?” “No.” “Then shut up.”

• “Do you understannnnnnnd?”

• “ORA!” “What do you mean ‘Ora’?”

• “Time to power-up with some crustATIANS!”

• “Licklicklicklicklicklick Hey look Jojo! Flamingos in flight!”

(honestly, the whole Yellow Temperance episode is a train wreck)

• “Oh crap. Somebody has already stolen my wallet.”

• “It better be something amazing. Something gorgeous and sophisticated that suits a frenchman such as moi.” “Which means it doesn’t matter. He’ll eat anything.”

• “That piece of shit’s corpse is two or three thousand meters that way if you wanna take a look.” “OKAY I WILL!”

• “Shit, Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” (A quote by Joseph)

• again, not a quote, but Joseph throwing car keys and them getting stuck in Pol’s hair

• “Not bad Kakyoin. Got a question for ya: You like SUMO?!” *one SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] rescue later* “Yeah I like sumo.”

• “Holy SHIT we’ve got ZOmbies!”

• *sigh* “Of course he’s taking a shit.”

• *with enthusiasm* “HE’S SUFFOCATING THAT BITCH!”

• “You were licking what, again?”

• “You can’t touch me, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. I’m DAN of STEEL.” (Steely Dan’s localised name makes me wheeze)

• “How am I feeling YOUR knuckles cracking in MY PROSTHETIC HAND?”

• “I was about to explain my powers when you hit me!”

• “Are you trying to kill your own grandfather?” “This is Jotaro we’re talking about. He might be.”

• “You’re a rather sturdy bridge, aren’t’cha?”

• “Go ahead and stab me then.” (Ugh. mood.)

• “You’re forbidden from making stupid camel jokes!”

• two identical rocks in the desert

• “It wasn’t a dream about stands. A stand was in my dream!” “That’s what I said. You were having a dream about stands.”

• “Baby? STAND?!?!”

• “HoLY SHITbricks.”

• “Lali-HOE” (It’s not written that way but it sounds like that)

• “Now it’s time for your punishment, baby.”

• “I REALLY don’t care that you’re a baby. I’ll snap your neck like a twig.”

• *high pitched* “Ithinkthat’sthecruelestthingyou’veeverdoneto meeee”

• *Joseph having just lost his hand once again* “Can you help me out, Jotaro?” “Do it yourself.”

• “Your underwear is showing.” “YEAH NICE!”

• “That damn tongue agaaaiiin!”

• “It’s been quite the adventure. We’ve gone inside a brain and even inside our dreams. Oh right. You don’t remember that.”

• “It’s a HELICOPTER!” “Thanks for the update, Captain Obvious.”

• “Sorry Polnareff, I’d like to keep my hair.” *hair flip*

• *Iggy, a literal dog, eating gum* “The least he could do is take the wrapping off.”

• “I’mgonnaneedaCHIROPRACTOR!”

• “You can just use your Emerald Splash and call it a day, can’t you?” “Yes, but I don’t want to.”

• “UGH yes. Sleep, while WE fight to surVIVE!”

• “ DIE!”

• “coooooOOOLA?!”

• “Yow. You know, yow. Actually, I was pointing out that there was a cyow over there!”

• “Waaait a second is that a nasty old suckerrr?”

• “That’s the last time I go anywhere with him.”

• “So you wipe your ass with SAND?!”

• “I think I’ll pull a Polnareff and wait till we get back to the hotel.”

• Avdol being completely and utterly DONE by the time they arrive in Egypt “I don’t deserve this.” You’re right. You don’t. I’m sorry you have to put up with those morons.

• “Polnareff, keep your guard up” “Have you forgotten who you’re talking to?”

(My favourite thing about this one is that Polnareff enunciates this in his favour, as if he has not been the sole target of half of the Stand attacks they face)

• “What do you mean by ‘evil eyes’? My non-evil parents gave me those baby blues!”

• “This hurts like a BIIIIITCH!”

• “Here’s a fun idea: Let’s turn YOU into a fetus!”

• “Hm. Someone falling from a window covered in blood. You don’t see that everyday.”

• “Thing is, I’m something of a GAMbling maaaan!”

• “Do you have any idea what surface tension is, Barbie?”

• “Go aheat, Mr. Jostrrrr.”

• Jotaro’s eyebrow game being so intense that it gives people panic attacks

• “Stick your fingers all the way up Polnareff’s nose and then. we’ll WIN!”

• *doing exactly that* “HELL YEAH!”

• “LOOK where my tongue is pointing!”

• “Need me to stick my fingers up somethin’? I will!”

• “I’ve gotta HAUL AAAAASSSS!!!”

• *in terror* “My watch is FAST! :’((“

• “What are ya STUPID?!” (Iggy’s English voice gives me life)


(it kills me that Iggy is the one allowed to say “fuck” in the dub, if I heard it right)

• “First I loose my leg and now some demon bird wants me flattened into frozen dinner!”

• “In other words, we beat the shit out of Dio.”

• “Would you care to wet your whistle?”

• “You’re about as helpful as a cramp in a relay race!”

• “The hell did you do to his arm?!”

• “Serect yr cur”

• *gasp* “He’s going for a turbo start!”

• “One doesn’t simply get those skills by playing videos games!”

• “I still have more SPEED than YOU D’ARBY!”

• “Why are you sitting down? We should be kicking Geppetto’s ass!”

• “OH! That’s a Baseball!”

• “Da first pitch!”

• “Jotaro! Pitch the BALL!”

• “I am a video game genius. I can’t lose. I am a video game GENIUS. I CAN’T LOSE!”

• “Well of course I did, ma’boy, I can read you like. A. Book.”

• “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!”

• *terrified* “Are you gonna do the ‘Ora Ora’ thing?”

• “Well, I sincerely hope that for your sake, your next victim into the void will be one of the Joestars and not my boudoir.”

• “His name: Billie Jean! His fate: Instant defeat!”

• “Come at me, you demented pinball!”

• “Waddaya know? The answer ended up being option 3: Life’s a bitch!”

• the guy Suzie films on the streets has Bakugou’s English va I cannot mishear that

• “I gotta hand it to him, Dio’s got some pretty nice curtains.”

• Kakyoin: reasonable metaphor for the immense power Dio omits. Joseph: “It felt like somebody shoving an icicle up SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] ass!”

• “There is no need to kill a helpless senator.?” “WRONG.”

• “He even dodged the concentrated Splash?” (Honey)

• “Woman. How about you make yourself useful 4U WMA MP3 Converter 6.3.6 crack serial keygen fetch my leg?”

• “Nervous yet, sweetheart?”

• “I mean he turned my favourite uniform into Swiss cheese” (he sounds so genuinely sad)

• “Youbastard it’s-not!” *immediately falls unconscious*

• *Dio bleeding from everywhere and flying through the air like a ragdoll* “Once again, my genius has TRIUMPHED over you!”

• you know, they really tried with the “Oras” and the “Mudas” and I respect them for that, but they didn’t dare touch the WRYYYY. It’s just an “AAARRGH” but that’s okay

• “I’M GOING TO ROLL ALL OVER YOU!” doesn’t have the same refine as ROOOAAAD-O-ROLLA DA! but it works

• “I don’t got any kindness for your sorry, undead ass.”

• “I hear a PULSE?” “My GOD! Brian activity too!”

#the way pol’s english va enunciates words gives me life#Kakyoin’s va sounds so done most of the time and I’m living for that energy#all around very enjoyable#they did a good job#jjba#jjba part 3#jjba stardust crusaders#jojo’s Redshift Render Mac Crack Download Archives adventure#stardust crusaders#jojo stardust crusaders#kujo jotaro#jotaro kujo#noriaki kakyoin#joseph joestar#mohammed avdol#mohammad avdol#jean pierre polnareff#iggy#dio brando#quotes#thiris shitshow

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Their Favorite Place in Tokyo [Obey Me! Boys]

Obey Me! Masterlist


Prince Park Tower Hotel

This hotel is definitely one of the higher end hotels for the elite

When you step foot inside, you'll be astounded by the decor and how beautiful everything is

Lucifer finds the sophistication wonderful and enjoys staying in the SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] themed rooms

However, he does like the traditional styles as well when he wants a change of pace

The club level is a great escape from the noise and he can eat in peace while overlooking Tokyo Tower and the city

The bar has some world famous bar SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] where it's a pleasure to see the bar tricks that they know

He enjoys walking through Shiba Koen, a nearby park that leads to the train station

When he was walking to the Hamamatsucho station, he found a wonderful Spanish restaurant that quickly became one of his favorites

He does avoid taking Mammon to the hotel as millionaires and billionaires will park their supercars in the hotel's garage.



Shinjiku is one of the more diverse areas of Tokyo

It's a bit more sophisticated in some areas while being more chaotic in other areas depending on what mood Mammon's in

There are plenty of places to play pachinko, but if he wants something more exciting, the red light district is just right there

There, he could potentially find some underground gambling rings

Shinjiku is also home to a great queer scene: bars, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], cafes, bookstores, clubs, etc.

He enjoys the bars and clubs where he can just really be himself without his older brother breathing down his neck

Mammon also saw the various street performers making money there, he tried to make a quick buck by performing, but didn't do too well


Akihabara and Ikebukuro

Both places have a lot of anime stuff

Akihabara is well known for it's anime and video game scene

All of the arcades are so much fun for this otaku

But Ikebukuro also has the Sunshine City Mall that has a Pokemon Center, Sanrio Store (Hello Kitty and friends), regular SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] game/movie exhibits, and a great aquarium

He also enjoys the various concerts that are in Ikebukuro

There's also a huge bookstore in Ikebukuro that has a ton of manga



Just outside of Ueno station is Ueno Park

Ueno Park has the Ueno Zoo and three museums

All of which are wonderful and very affordable

The Ueno Zoo hosts a large selection of animals: including Giant Pandas!

The exhibits are large and full of enrichment

The museums include a nature and science museums, an art museum, and a history museum

All are wonderfully curated and educational

The Ueno Park is also gorgeous and home to a lot of stray cats - bonus points for Satan



The fashion capital of Tokyo! Or, well, one of them

This line of fashion is very close to Asmo's taste and he loves going to all of the high end stores

His arms are full of shopping bags at the end of the day

He'll also stop at one of the many cafes for a sweet treat. These sweet treats are also perfect Devilgram material for him to brag about his day in the human realm



Ryogoku is the sumo capital of Tokyo

Not only is a great way for Beel to see this unique sport and try to figure out how to incorporate it into his own, but it has food

Lots and lots of food

The servings here are huge! They're bigger than what Beel is used to, but he still easily eats everything

He enjoys going from restaurant to restaurant to try all of the different creations


Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower

Belphie likes getting up high in the SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], especially at night

The Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower provide great views of the flickering lights

He can sit along the windows and take a quick nap

He also likes the trains in Tokyo, because it's very common for people to nap on them while the commute form work to home

of course, he's just on the train to nap


Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea

Does not care that Disney is evil: he's a CEO in the human world and the next king of literal Hell

Enjoys trying all of the different popcorn flavors in Disney Sea: sea salt, curry, cotton candy, etc.

Gets Mickey ears

Loves all of the rides and especially loves the ones that take pictures

Tries to pose in front of the camera, but always ends up with a goofy grin on his face since he's having too much fun


Meji Gardens and Meji Shrine

There's a wonderful tea shop just before the path to the Meji Gardens and Shrine, right by the huge tori gate

He enjoys sipping his tea while he either people watches or as he walks through the forest

The gardens are gorgeous and extremely peaceful

Once he saw a turtle and sat there watching it for about an hour

He enjoys watching the different ceremonies at the shrine and buys the talismans and charms as gifts for everyone


Mount Takao

True, not actually in Tokyo, but it is just a short train ride away

He enjoys the hike up the mountain and stops to admire the tengu statues

The temple is very peaceful and he likes to watch the people there pray

Loves the dango that the shop sells after his hike up to the top of the mountain

Will sit on the bench snacking while admiring the view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo



What? Tokyo? Like the whole city?

No! Like the SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] with Tokyo Station!

Tokyo Station has a wonderful little shopping area with a lot of desserts

It's also near some of the most famous pastry chefs

His favorite pastry chef is Hidemi Sugino

His desserts have won awards

One would think that they're expensive with how famous he is, but they're actually pretty affordable!

Luke likes to SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] to his shop and learn all he can to show off his new skills to Barbatos



Harajuku is a bit chaotic with a sense of magic

It's right near Meji Gardens, just across a pedestrian bridge in fact

It also has a unique fashion theme with visual kei and lolita being main selling points

There are also a lot of different cafes: ferret and capybara, cat, maid, etc.

He enjoys the unique, bustling culture here

There's also some occult items here which he finds amusing

It's also hard to see the ocean from there, which makes him feel better for being on an island

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Tumblr media

Terushima Yūji x Black Girl!Reader

Mirror Fuck: A Haikyuu HQ Server Collab

Tings: lots of porn, lots of plot, fluff, angst, cunnilingus, fingering, public sex, fuckboy tendencies, headassery, feral hours

Words: ~k

A/N: Characters are aged up, in university. Thank you to my wife and my partner in thirst @thisisthehardestthing for beta reading! I genuinely traced my own ass pic to make this header, because this fic is self-indulgent af lmao.

If you love this story, please check out my Patreon! This month I’ll also be posting a Patreon Exclusive story: Just The Three of Us - a Kuroo and Bokuto Love Triangle.


There must be one hundred people cheering in the stands, yet somehow you catch his eye. For a moment, time stills. And it’s not the earth-altering stillness of finally meeting your one true love, or some bullshit. No, it’s the startling intensity of his gaze that stops you in your tracks.

For the first set, you faced his back. It was an impressive back, you won’t deny it—muscular calves, slim-thick thighs, a firm arse and lean muscles undulating beside the valley that is his spine—but you were far more focused on the game, obviously. Your team was being demolished, trailing by eight points and counting. No amount of clapping and cheering seemed to help, though that didn’t stop you from yelling like a banshee until your voice cracked.

A year ago, if someone had invited you to a volleyball match, you would have hit them with a swift side eye. That is, until you stumbled across a casual, shirtless practice match of your college’s volleyball team, the Hosei Herons (or as you like to call them, the Hosei Himbos). You came for the thirst and you stayed for the entertainment—the adrenaline rush from watching a tense game took you by surprise. Now you can’t get enough.

Your team made it to regionals, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], the big leagues, but you soon realised that all the nerve-wracking nail-biting home games were nothing compared to this. Dozens of undergraduate teams from across your district of Tokyo have gathered to wipe the floor with your team. Now look at you, jaw clenched, contemplating trailing after the Himbos in the hope of pity fucking one of them to death.

What? Volleyball makes you horny, how can it not?

When the teams switch sides, it puts you directly in his eye line. All plans of a pity fuck fly over the net and out the window.

He has the starting serve, spinning the ball in his hands like it’s his very own planet, a deity of nimble digits and smug smiles. Beneath his blonde, slicked hair, he surveys the court calmly,  sweeping over the crowd, drawing in every ounce of attention in the room, a singularity. His eyes are black holes, endless, terrifying, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], yet utterly thrilling, even from across the court. His undercut is dark and pristine, orbited by two silver piercings like twin moons. He locks eyes on you, and you feel it, that gravitational pull drawing you in, a force beyond your control.

He tosses the ball into the air, running up to serve without taking his eyes off you. You feel as weightless as the spinning sphere, captivated planets orbiting the volleyball star. It makes no sense, truly no sense at all. You have never met the man in your life, but somehow under his gaze, you feel seen. You feel the warmth and intensity of the sun with the dark pull of a black hole, and it is thoroughly unnerving. Well, only until the moment he finally takes his eyes off you to lob the ball across the court. The sound and sight of his broad palm smacking the surface makes you clench. Too bad he bungles his serve.

“What a flop,” your friend cackles beside you. “Sucks to suck, dunnit?” she calls through the cheers.

The ball barely rolls over the net. His face flickers with sheepishness, soon replaced by triumph. Somehow, he manages to score. It flops onto the floor in front of a diving libero, who misses it by a hand’s breadth. The other side of the stadium erupts into cheers, celebrating the your rivals’ first point. If the Herons lose this set, their time in the tournament will end.

Gritting your teeth, you clap consolations for your Himbos. You narrow your eyes at the devious outside hitter who won’t seem to let them go—why can’t you stop looking at him? He shoots you a cocky, open-mouth wink and you catch a flash of metal on his tongue. bitch—

The game continues, and though he finally relinquishes your gaze, you can tell from the way he now moves that he is putting on a show, only for you. You can’t lie, every time he slams the ball into the ground, or licks his lips before a toss, or looks over with that damn smile, as though he’s telling you ‘watch this’, he turns you on even more. By the time they reach match point, you feel so aroused that a slight breeze could probably make you squirt.

“Han,” you bump your friend on the shoulder. She pauses mid-screech.

“What’s up, babe?”

“The captain. Number one jersey. Bottle blondie. What do you think?”

“Oh, you mean the guy who’s been eye-fucking you the whole game?” she smirks.

The sound you make can only be described as a verbal keyboard smash. “You noticed too?”

“The whole stadium probably noticed, babe. I’m surprised no one pulled a fire alarm so we can clear the arena and give you guys some privacy, cause your business looks urgent.” Han glances down at your firmly clamped thighs, pressing her glossy lips together to stop herself from chortling.

“Listen!” you sputter for a moment.


“It’s—you SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], I”

“Mmm? Tell the audience, babe,” she snorts.

“Han it’s bad.”

“We can all tell, I’m sure even he knows how much you’re squirming.”

“Are you for real?” you clamp your hands to your forehead. “Is it that obvious?”

She laughs in response, which only makes you more flustered. “Han, are you being serious? Say ‘wallahi’ StudioLine Web Designer 4.2.64 + Serial Key With Crack Latest 2021 now!” you cry, all but fanning yourself to stay calm.

“Obviously, I’m joking babe!” Though Han enjoys sending your blood pressure shooting into the stratosphere, she can never break the unspoken Somali rule: if you ‘swear to God’, you’d better mean it. Demanding she says wallahi is just about the only way you can ever get her to be serious.

“Nah, but for real, he’s clearly into you,” she grins.

“So I should go for it? After the game?”

“Definitely! Don’t give me all the details this time though, I’m not feeling him. I’m not sure if it’s the hair or the piercings or the attitude,” she muses, “but I like my thirst objects a little more halal, innit.” Han is a self-described ‘old soul,’ intent on waiting to find the right person. That doesn’t stop her from being thirsty constantly, living vicariously through her best friends’ conquests.

“Nani no hanashi o shite iru no?”

The face of your other best friend pops up from behind Han. You are an unlikely trio: you a tall Londoner with waist length, ombré braids and an astronomy obsession, Han, a petite and curvy linguist from Leeds with more decadent head wraps than a fabric market, and Etsu, an Osaka-born biochemistry student with the appearance of an angelcore aesthetic blogger and the personality of a sumo wrestler. People tend to stare, even more so when the three of you speak rapid-fire Japanese in public.

Seamlessly switching into vernacular, Han catches Etsu up on your current source of thirst.

“Oh him? I have tea!” she leans over Han’s lap as you gather into a huddle. “The girls behind me were talking about him. He is a fuckboy, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. He asks a lot of girls for their numbers, but he never closes. That is suspicious to me. I think he just likes to chase, not to catch, like a broken tiger. Take it with a pinch of salt, though. The girl on the right gave him her number and never heard back, so she is probably sulking. But look at her, tiny thing. She would snap in half like a plastic spoon. He SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] too big for her. I bet you could handle him, Y/N,” she wiggles her eyebrows.

“I am loyal to my team,” she drawls. “I am going home with that Himbo right there,” she makes no effort at subtlety, pointing an outstretched arm at the arse of a middle blocker.

You wrinkle your nose, contemplating your new predicament. Not a single part of you wants to become another one of the fans trailing after Terushima, which, now that you look around the stands, you notice there are more than a few eyes hungrily devouring him.

That said, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], you can’t judge a star by its spectral shift, as your favourite teacher says. Well, you can eventually, but it takes a hell of a lot of time and research. That’s what you need. Some time to suss him out. As you sit in the stands, you come up with a plan. Every time he shoots you another look, your smile grows. The poor man doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.

“You should give me your number.”

Barely a few flirty pleasantries have been passed between you, and he’s already asking for it? A player indeed. You run the tip of your tongue along the back of your teeth.

“Why?” you cock your head and blink at him. His eyebrows fly up to his hairline, cresting over his forehead like a float serve. You see a flash of annoyance before his features smooth over.

“Because I want to see you,” he hits you with a lazy smile. It would be dizzying if you were unprepared.

“You’re seeing me now,” you retort. Not one ounce of him looks intimidated by your feist. He steps closer.

“Because I want to see you more often,” Terushima frowns playfully.

“To do what?” you cross your arms. A warning: don’t come closer. Conveniently for you, it covers the nipples straining against your bralet. You really need to stop wearing them as shirts.

“Well,” his eyes glint at your challenge, “I wanna start with a first date, work my way up to boyfriend, and do a whole lot in between,” his sly grin makes you clench.

“How much?” you clip.


“How much do you want to ‘see me’?”

“More than Kim wants Kanye to shut his mouth,” he doesn’t miss a beat.

“I don’t believe you,” you shrug, stifling your laugh.


“No. Uh uh. I’ve got you pegged. You’re a classic player, the chat up lines, the smile, I bet if I asked all the girls you’ve ever chatted up to raise their hands, it would look like a Hey! Say! Jump! concert in here.”

“Not just girls,” he winks. “But you’ve got me wrong. The only thing I play is volleyball,” he blinks sweetly, feigning offence. You roll your eyes. Could he be any more corny?

“If I—”

“Look,” you cut him off. “I have somewhere to be. SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] you really are ‘only a volleyball player’, then I’ll give you my number”

Oh, he looks too smug. He’s really gonna work for it.

“One digit at a time. Every time you win a set, you get another. Let’s see if you’re better at playing volleyball or playing girls and guys,” you smirk.

Terushima looks at you—no, he inhales you, his eyes travelling down your body like you’re a breath of fresh air. You can almost see the thrill of a chase rolling through him, vibrating over his skin.

“I did destroy your team today. That’s two down. So I only need to win four more matches and I’ve got your number?” he grins. It clatters from his face when he realises, “wait a minute, that’s the finals.”

“Yeah, hotshot,” you smile. “What, you don’t think you can win?”

“Oh baby, you don’t know how much satisfaction I get from winning,” that damned tongue swipes across his lips. Never before have you felt jealous of a man’s tongue. You nearly reconsider. So what if he wants to make you cum and go before sunrise? With the hunger between your thighs right now, you would welcome the relief.

Oof, but what if he’s selfish in bed? You would kick yourself if you gave into him, just for the guy to use your body like a glorified fleshlight. There’s nothing more disappointing than sex that ends when the guy does. Is he that type of guy, you wonder, narrowing your eyes at him.

“What’s your name, by the way?”

“Yūji,” his voice is the deep, quiet roaring of the sun, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. It warms you from within, igniting solar flares within your belly. “Terushima Yūji. And yours?”

“I already told you my name. Did you forget it?” you scoff, the inferno in you flickering, so delicately close to anger.

“Not your full name. How else am I supposed to find you online?”

“You’re not supposed to, that’s the point of this whole game,” you wink, twisting on your heel. “Zero, eight,” you call over your shoulder, strutting down the corridor to your friends. You put an extra sway in your hips, because you know he hasn’t taken his eyes off you.

Tumblr media

Terushima wins his next game, unsurprisingly. Two quick sets and his team leaves triumphant. At the winning point, whilst his teammates leap around the court, Terushima turns to you, finds your face within the crowd like a satellite in the emptiest sky. The look upon his face says it all, ‘you see that? Another digit is mine.’

Etsu roars beside you.

Tumblr media

You are alone for the next game. Han has classes, Etsu can’t be arsed to put on pants today.

After he wins, slamming the final point into the court like a meteor collision, he whips around and points to you. He lets the entire arena know exactly who he is playing for. The high you feel is astronomical. That is, until the voices of two players behind you send you hurtling through space.

“That must be his girl, huh?” they speak in slang, low enough that you wouldn’t hear if you weren’t paying attention. Bubble Shooter v5.01 crack serial keygen, she’s exactly his type.”

His type?

“Mmm, he likes uh African-Americans.”

Your heart plummets.

“Sore na! Remember that girl who looked like uh, what was her name? The rapper with the pink hair?”

“Ah, ah, I remember the girl, she was cute.”

“Nah not my type. She’s hot though,” you feel his lascivious eyes on the back of your head. Your flesh contorts beneath your skin.

“Wait. What if she can understand us?”

“Shit! Wait. Miss? You’re sitting on my jacket. Excuse me? … No, she can’t hear,” they smirk, moving onto other gossip as though they didn’t just rip your chest wide open.

When Yūji finally finds you, you are fuming.

“That’s two more, baby. Did you see that last set? I was on fire! Man, after we lost the second round, it’s like I started raging! Did you see the way I wrecked their libero?” he gushes, riding his adrenaline high.

“Yuji, do you have a fetish?” you squeeze through your teeth.

“Oh, shit. Yeah, I have a few,” he grins, closing the distance between you. Pressing a single finger to his chest, you visibly seethe. It wipes the grin right off his face.

“Do you have a fetish for Black girls?” you clip out every word.

“I wouldn’t call it a fetish, but yeah I like Black women,” he combs his fingers through his hair.

“Mmm. Noted. Forget my phone number, yeah?” you spin on your heel and storm off.

“Woah, woah, woah, Y/N, talk to me,” he sprints after you, blocking your path. “What’s going on?”

“You tell me,” you hiss. “Is the only reason you’ve been chasing after me that you want some clout? You want a Black girlfriend you make you look like some big man, yeah? Look like a real hotshot rapper, huh? Yeah, I looked you up, ‘Hyūj’. Dating Black girls isn’t an aesthetic, it’s not a fucking brand, Yuji.” Furious tears teeter on your lash line. You feel like an idiot for getting riled up, but even more so for actually starting to like the guy.

Dating is such a minefield in Tokyo, and whether you’re completely ignored or treated like some exotic meal to sample, you are always reminded of your race. It’s exhausting, especially when people use you for English practice, or talk to you like you’re African American and somehow seem offended when you don’t speak Ebonics.

You really thought, just this once, a guy would actually want you, huh? What was that bullshit about feeling seen? Well, now you feel like a core-collapse supernova, your chest imploding before your white-hot fury obliterates everything in your path. You need to get out of here.

“Y/N,” his voice is gravity itself, gripping you in place. “Listen to me.”

“What?” you snap, unable to move, unable to do anything except stand there in the sun-streaked corridor, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], your heart falling through space.

“I Man, I don’t even know where to begin,” he takes a deep breath. “I am not a rapper, I’m a music producer.” You stare at him like he’s grown three heads. Is that really what he took out of all of this?  “I’m a good one. I want to be a great one someday. Right now, a lot of people in the industry copy Black artists, I know that. The bars, the flow, the hair, the outfits, it’s insane. And they never give credit. I’m not like those guys, Y/N. I swear to you. I study it. I’m a music SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] because I want to know the history just as much as the music. I listen to the greats, not just rap artists, but blues, jazz, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], rock, everything, and I don’t try to copy them, but if I sample them, I give credit.”

“So? Do you want a sticker? Some applause? A gold star?” you snap. “What does that have anything to do with me?”

“I just need you to know I’m not one of those guys that pick and choose the culture and don’t give a damn about Black people. I show up, I donate, I read, I go to the protests they organise here, like, I’m there.”

“And so what, I should reward you for being SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] ally? Spread my legs for you to take your prize? You wanna sleep with Black women to validate you being ‘down with the culture’? Miss me, Yuji,” you spit your words out.

“Well, wouldn’t it be worse if I did all that and I never even looked twice at a Black girl? I know so many guys like that, who wanna act Black but would never get with a Black girl, ever. Isn’t that more messed up?” his temper overtakes him, his voice echoes off the walls. “I don’t fetishise women. I don’t have a type, I don’t exclusively date black women, but I do find them—find you—mad attractive. How can I not? How can I appreciate everything that I do and not think Black women are fine as fuck? Like, what exactly do you want me to do here, Y/N?” he roars.

“Well you can stop yelling at me, for one!” you shout.

“Then don’t yell at me either!”

“Fine,” you grit, channelling your anger into your clenched fists.

“Cool,” he simmers down. A minute passes in tense silence. A minute more. Yuji sighs, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I like you, Y/N. Because you’re beautiful and you have an amazing body—but not in a fetishy way. You seem like a cool person, the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, I don’t even think you realise how many heads you turn.”

“Yeah. Because I’m Black.”

“Sure, but also because you’re hot. Don’t roll your eyes, you are. And your braids are amazing, my favourite colour, and I want to touch them so bad. And I know it’s not your actual hair—and that I’m not supposed to point that out, sorry—but sometimes I think about how great it would be to sit next to you and help you undo them. I want to be with you and get to know you, I mean it. As much as it kills me, I like that you’re making it hard. You don’t take any bullshit, I can tell, and I like that. Just don’t paint me as some bad guy because of what my exes looked like, okay?”

You scuff the linoleum with your sneaker, streaking it across the ground as you digest his words.

“Okay,” you sigh. You can’t justify being mad at him, even though you very much are. You need space to let your anger fade. “Six, four,” you murmur. Finally, your feet begin to move again.

“Wait, Y/N can we talk?”

“Tomorrow,” you answer gently. “I need some time to think.”

“Tomorrow,” he nods. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

You leave him standing in the corridor, half his body caste in light, a solitary, waning moon in an empty sky.

Tumblr media

You miss his afternoon game, but he wins. By the time you show up to the semi-finals the next day, you are no longer mad. If anything, you’re actually excited to see him. Of course, it took ranting to your sister, your best friends and your social media followers before you came to the conclusion that Terushima Yuji is a Keeper. He could still turn out to be a fuckboy, though, so you fully intend to keep him on a leash a little while longer.

By the time he bounds off the court, celebrating his team moving to the finals, he is so excited you feel guilty that you’re about to give him a hard time.

“Four digits, please,” he grins.

“Only two,” you sniff.

“Y/N. No. Is this punishment for our first fight?” he frowns. You ignore the way your stomach flips when you hear him say ‘our’.

“No,” you bat your eyes. “I wasn’t at your game yesterday. I didn’t see it, so it doesn’t count,” you shrug.

“If you weren’t there, that’s your personal problem,” he throws you a cheeky side eye. “What’s mine is mine, and I want those four digits.” Terushima steps closer, pinning you between his freshly-showered body and the cold surface of the wall.

“No, I make the rules here,” you say with little conviction, your eyes fixated on the gleaming orb embedded in his tongue.

“Then close your eyes,” his voice is a planetary hum, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest].

“Why?” you breathe.

“Because this doesn’t count if you don’t see it happen. Since those are your rules,” his words are honeyed whiskey. Your eyes slide shut as they pour over your mahogany skin.

You expect to feel his warm lips touch yours. Instead, you feel his tongue streak up the side of your neck, the cold ball of his piercing pressing into your vein, raising goosebumps all over your body. When he reaches the bottom of your ear, he lets out an exhale that drags across your skin like the fingers of a phantom, sending desire pooling between your thighs.

“Keep your eyes closed,” he murmurs, tugging at your lobe with his teeth.

You barely stifle a moan, drawing air into your chest and with it, the delicious scent of him, smoky, sweet and expensive. With the groomed air of a man who knows his body, Terushima is nearly irresistible. Nearly. You still want to make him work for it.

"Maybe if you were half as good at volleyball as you are with your tongue, you would have my number already," you tease, hoping the backhanded compliment will make him draw back. It only spurs him on. He presses his body against yours, pinning you firmly and thrusting his thigh between your legs. You gasp as the thin material of his shorts grazes over the softest part of your thighs. If he stays there any longer, he might feel exactly how wet you're starting to become beneath your skirt.

He chuckles against your ear. Breathy, and in a low voice, Terushima whispers your name. It sends a shiver down your spine and your hips rock back when you feel a fresh wave of wetness rush between your legs.

"Hm, baby, I'm even better with my tongue than I am at volleyball." Terushima licks the length of your ear, the tip of his tongue tracing the curve. With one hand gripping your hips tighter against his thigh, the other wraps around your neck to twist it, making more of it available to his mouth.

Now that you face the open corridor, your mind is torn between the delicious sensation of his thumbs sliding up your thigh to graze the sensitive flesh on your hips, and the very real risk of someone turning the corner and seeing you.

You press your hands to his chest, and though every part of you is clamouring for him to grind your clit into a fine powder with his muscular thigh, you push him away.

"Someone might see us," you breathe, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. The damp, darkened patch of your slick on his shorts tells him exactly how that makes you feel.

"I think you like being watched," he closes the gap between you, murmuring into your ear. His tongue ring strokes hot and cold pleasure over your neck, making you vibrate in his arms.

"You could get in trouble," you counter.

"Only if we're visible on gymnasium grounds," he grins, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. Of course he knows the exact rules. Terushima hoists you over his shoulder like you weigh nothing and strides down the corridor, your ass and the wet patch of your panties on full display. You nearly shriek as you hurriedly tug your skirt down, barely covering your cheeks. Terushima totes you through the halls like a trophy, his trophy, only slowing for a moment when he nears the men’s locker room.

At this time of day, GoodSync Crack Full Activator 2021 Free Download of the teams have cleared out to revel in triumph or defeat, but there are still more than enough near-naked men in the room to make you blush, not that they could tell.

“Don’t mind us,” Terushima waves as casually as a man with a backpack, not your trembling thighs slung over his chest. As he strides into an empty section of the locker room, you watch the receding faces of several slack-jawed volleyball players, one of whom holds a towel in front of his barely-concealed erection. Through your giggles, you throw him a wink, sending a furious flush all over his body. The thought of that sweaty stranger touching himself to the memory of you makes you audibly writhe in Terushima’s grip.

“You sure are impatient for someone who made me wait this long just to get her number,” he descends to his knees to allow you to stand, and stays there, looking up at you with a sly grin.

“What are we doing here?” you cross your arms.

“Baby, don’t play dumb, you and I both know you’re smarter than me,” he smirks.

“Than I,” you tut.

“I wanna show you just how good I am with my tongue."

Before you can protest—not that you even want to—he lifts up the edge of your skirt to firmly press his nose into your groin, right above the start of your folds, teasingly close to your clit. He pauses, breathing hot anticipation down your thighs. The second stretches on. You tilt your hips upwards, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] for any bit of friction, but his mouth stays out of reach, like he’s waiting for something. Finally, you look down to find him gazing at you expectantly.

“What?” you gasp, exasperated.

“I’m giving you a chance to think about it. In case you change your mind,” he shrugs, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest].

“I want it,” you nod breathlessly.

“Baby, I don’t think you know what you’re getting into,” the look in SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] eyes is undiluted filth. “If you change your mind, just say so.” His sentiment would be sweet if it wasn’t for the cocked eyebrow thrown up at you. You want to wipe the smug smile off his face, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], and then some.

“Same goes to you, hotshot,” you smirk right back. Then you feel it, his tongue, pressing out to lick over your panties, the hard ball tucking the wet cotton into your folds. Your head falls back and your hands fly to his hair to hold him in place. He moans at the hint of your taste, the sharp, sweet scent of you, even if it's slight.

Just as he slips his fingertips under the fabric, you hear footsteps. Two swimmers have entered through the door to the pool. They pause, taking in the scene of Teru's nose buried between your thighs. Without a word, he looks the closest player dead in the eyes before whisking your panties to the ground. You hear a strangled gasp, but you can barely focus; Terushima's tongue is already stroking your folds, the metal ball flicking over your clit and sending jolts of ecstasy up your body. Clamping his mouth over your slick lips, he swirls his tongue, overwhelming the sensitive bundle of nerve endings before sucking so hard, your vision blurs.

“Yuji…” you moan, leaning against the lockers to stay upright, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], the fingers in his hair gripping so hard you're shocked you haven't pulled any strands out. The players clear their throats and awkwardly shuffle past. Raging blushes paint their cheeks as they sneak glances at the two of you before disappearing around the corner.

"Did you like that?" Terushima asks in between licks, the ball of his piercing flicking the hood of your clit with each syllable. "Do you like being watched, having everyone know who makes you feel so good?"

Your answer dies in your throat when he sucks your folds, nose pressing firmly against the nub of nerves while his tongue plays with your labia and messages your walls. You feel your orgasm building, and you're panting more than you're breathing.

Then it dawns on you: he's not even using any of his fingers. He's about to make you cum purely with his tongue.

“Fuuuucking hell,” you moan, your hips spasming and thighs trembling. “Yūji, I—unnnhhhh!” Your moan rises to a fluttering whine, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], arpeggios of pleasure playing into the air. His name on your lips is a symphony. He wants nothing CleanMyPc Crack v2.10.0 With Full Activation Code 2022 Free Download {Latest} than for his name to be heard by every guy in the room, spilling from your decadent mouth. Swirling the tip of his tongue around your trembling hole, he plunges the muscle inside you, lapping you up, drawing it out to orbit your throbbing clit like Saturn’s rings.

“Yūji! Oh fuck, oh fuck, Yuji,” your cries carry across the locker room, his name circling your lips over and over again, an endless melody. You would collapse if his firm hands weren’t holding you upright, gripping your hips so hard he could bruise. When his tongue leaves your satiated cunt, you slide down onto the bench below, trying desperately to refill your lungs. 

“Fuck, I was so loud,” you whisper. The sobriety that comes after a long-awaited release hits you like a train. “We should go before we get in trouble. 

“We won’t get in trouble,” Terushima calmly extricates himself from between your thighs, planting a rough, slick-drenched kiss on your lips. 

“Why not?” you breathe. 

“My grandpa owns this building,” he shrugs, as though being heir to a Keiretsu is a common thing. The information is sobering. Fuckboy indeed. 

Kneeling in front of you, Terushima tilts his face up until his lips find yours again. His nimble hands are already exploring your body once more, beneath your bralet, your skirt—where the hell are your panties? The fingers stroking your folds are a delicious distraction, numbing you to the fear of getting found out. 

“Yuji, stop,” you force your skirt Wondershare MobileTrans 8.1.5 Crack plus Registration Code [2022] whilst your brain can still function. He immediately withdraws his hands and looks up with concern. But when he sees your hazy, blown eyes, the way you bite your lip like you can’t quite decide, he seems to understand. 

“Do you want me to stop, or do you wanna go somewhere less crowded?” 

“Is there somewhere else?”

“I can think of a few places,” he murmurs into your neck. 

“Yes, please,” you SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], spreading your legs wider, showing how desperate you are to take him all in. “Wherever is closest, I just need you, Yuji.”

Whose mouth is this? Never in your life have you given in this easy, but oh the things he can do with his tongue. You need more of him, all of him. 

Terushima slides his hands under your hips, ready to hoist you over his shoulder again. He pauses. As much as he would love to show everyone in the locker room that you are his, the idea of them seeing your bare, glistening cunt makes his blood boil. There are some things he refuses to share. 

Instead, he hooks your legs around his waist, pulling you with him as he rises. 

The locker room is quieter when he strides through. You bury your face in his neck and peek out from over his shoulder, suddenly feeling shy of all the boys who heard you cum. The door swings shut on their myriad faces, some disturbed, some aroused and some more impressed than anything else. Barely three strides later, he pushes through the door to the girls’ locker room. 

The silence is eerie compared to the last room. It takes the sensor a few seconds to flicker on the automatic lights, revealing light blue lockers and pristine benches, far nicer than the boys’ room.

“The girls’ tournaments were last week,” he gently deposits you on your feet, locking the door behind him. With a voice as coarse as gravel, he promises, “so we won’t be disturbed.”

Your eyes are drawn to a gigantic mirror lining the far wall. Oh yes, that’ll do. 

Slowly, you make your way to the mirror, discarding your outfit on the floor like a trail of breadcrumbs. Come get me, your eyes find his in the reflection. Terushima fists his cock, but stays as rooted as the sun on its axis. He wants to watch you. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” his voice is barely a whisper but you hear it from across the room. You bring your hands to your neck, running them down your body as you try to see yourself through his eyes. Your palms grope your breasts, your fingertips trace a ghostly corset over your stomach, your hands part your thighs, finding purchase on your mound. The moment you slide your finger inside you, Terushima tears across the room like a comet. His clothes are tossed aside, and he presses his raw, naked skin against yours, pouring kisses into you where compliments fail. 

Sinking to his knees, he looks up at you like a worshipper to a goddess. When you sit, he opens your knees, lowering his face to your flesh once more. Your reflection is powerful, a hand gripped in his hair, your tits gleaming in the light, and Yuji himself kneeling between your legs, his back taut and his thighs spread. 

A shudder ripples through him when he parts your folds with his fingers and slips a finger into your endless softness. Velvet, satin, silk, nothing begins to describe the sensation of your walls on his finger, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. Being inside you might make him fall apart. Another finger slips in, Terushima bites down curse words between his lips and teeth. You are sensation, the moelleux of your molten cum, the softness of your slick lips, the tickle of cropped hair above your slit, the silky smoothness of your skin and the smell of you, oh the taste of you. That carnal sweetness of your cunt, the smell of honey and black seed that seeps from your skin, and your dizzying perfume, that light, summery scent of raspberry, rose and pink peppercorn. Terushima wants to drown in your sensation, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], die a happy man.

With two fingers stroking your walls, his come hither starts to coax another orgasm from you. When his tongue finds its home between your folds, the broad, greedy strokes that make you groan narrow to the point of his tongue, flicking you with ruthless precision. Between breathless panting and filthy gasping, you don’t think you have a single atom of oxygen left in your body. You lose sight when your head falls back and your eyes fall shut, your body rippling pixel film studios torrent Archives pleasure, gravitational waves coursing through you. You need to feel his body against you, to feel the indescribable sensation of skin against skin, the only believable proof that you are more than a body suspended in space. 

“Fill me, Yuji, please,” you cry. 

“Fuck, I was really hoping you would ask,” he gasps, his delectable mouth covered in you. 

Terushima scrambles for his jeans, ripping a condom from his wallet. He scrambles with drenched digits to open the damn thing up. Impatient, you take two fingers into your mouth and coat them with spit that trails out of you, breaking on your chest. When you start fucking your fingers, Yuji’s temper soars. He rips the wrapper with his teeth, and sheaths the condom over his flushed, ravenous cock head. It won’t budge. 

“Fuck,” he roars. “I’m an idiot. I put it on the wrong way around.” Teru looks pained and dangerous, a tiger wounded. 

“Can’t you just flip it around?” you pant, grinding on your palm impatiently. 

“No, no, no,” he rips it off, twisting his own palms into his eye sockets. 

“Hey,” you pull him by the wrist. “It’s okay. The girls locker room usually has a vending machine for tampons and pads and sometimes condoms. I’ll be right back,” your voice is as tender as a new planet. You extricate your juice-covered fingers from your cunt and feed him like nectar. Swinging your leg over the bench, you pad naked to the door, pull your coin purse from the depths of your discarded bag. When you return, you find Terushima sitting on the bench, his face dark, eclipsed with lust, the kind that needs to devour you. Now.

You kneel before him, before his length. Veined, uncut and slightly curved to the right, his cock is the size that would never make you scared but it sure does make you smile in anticipation. The time it takes you to open the condom, flip it the right way and lubricate his cock with your tongue is far too fucking long. In one swift movement, Teru sheathes himself, pulls you up and presses you against the mirror. His mouth burns glorious sunspots on your throat, dark and magnetic bruises that paint your brown skin. His cock ruts between the generous flesh of your arse, craving you, waiting for you to open up to him. When you spread your legs, he unleashes himself. 

“So fucking tight.” Each word is punctuated by a thrust, and he roars when he bottoms you out. You grind against him only to find an iron grip on your waist. 

“Give me a sec, baby. I’ve been waiting and you’re so… I’m” he shudders in your ear and your eyes nearly roll back into your skull. Your breathing fogs the glass as you wait, obscuring your faces behind a cloud of cosmic lust. 

“I want you to see how fucking hot you look when you cum,” he growls, pulling you backward and bracing an arm around your chest, smudging the mirror with his other hand. Terushima thrusts into you, swivelling his hips ever so slightly. Your tits bounce with every stroke, and he can’t resist grabbing one. 

“Touch yourself,” he groans. “I wasn’t finished down there.” 

You fall in love with the picture of Terushima staring at you in the mirror like a man on the moon, your mouth falling open, your sweaty bodies grinding against each other, his tongue ring glinting as he devours your neck. Your clit is too numb for simple strokes, so you rub your fingers over it, short, rapid, back and forth strokes that make you scream silently. Fuck, you do look good. Terushima groans when the signs of your climax grip his cock like struts on a rocket, ready for take off. His thrusts become erratic, the breakneck pace of your fingers begins to falter. 

“Fuck, I’m so close, baby, I’m so close but I don’t wanna stop fucking you, I never wanna stop fucking you, I’ll do whatever it takes, fuck you’re so sexy,” a million words tumble from his mouth, the rumble and burn of an engine taking off. 

“Yuuuuuujiiiiii,” your voice ascends to the heavens, your legs threatening to give out beneath you. You close your eyes, and see an entire galaxy. “I’m gonna—”

There is a theory about the fate of the universe. That the edge of existence will expand so far, so fast that everything—the stars, planets, galaxies, atoms, subatomic particles—will be torn apart. That dark energy will overcome all the forces holding the universe together. They call it ‘The Big Rip’. 

Your body is a universe, a cosmos filled with life on the canvas of Black sky. In his eyes, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] have seen the darkest energy, you have felt the edges of existence on the tips of his fingers. You find proof of the theory in an empty locker room when Terushima Yuji tears you open on his thrumming cock. The shock of your orgasm rips you apart. 

What feels like a lifetime later, your spent bodies lie tangled on a heap of towels you stole from the cupboard. You lay in the half-light, the glow from fluorescent lamps in a distant galaxy called ‘outside’. You have been still for so long that the sensors switched the lights off. Only your fingers flutter, exploring the space of each other’s skin. 

“Baby, when you come to the finals this weekend,” Terushima begins. 


“I want you to wear that sexy yellow dress from the first day we met. And those heeled boots from yesterday because they make your legs look so fucking long.”

Fam. Excuse me?

“Ah, but I really want you to wear our team’s colours. I’m gonna buy you a dress like that in green.”

Excuse me?! 

“All the team’s girlfriends wear our colours for big games.”


“I need you cheering for me. Then after we win, I can finally get your number,” he plants a soft kiss on your scalp, inhaling the scent of your moringa shampoo. You lie with your eyes wide and your mouth contorted like a croissant, wondering which planet this man fell from. You don’t even know where to begin. 

“So, you’re going to wait until Saturday to get my number and call me?” your voice is low, laced with threat. 

“Well, yeah. That was the deal, right?”

Oh what a lovely dumbass. 

“Are you mad!” you shoot up and stare at him. Terushima blinks, startled by the sudden glare of the locker room lights, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. “You think that after all this, I’m going to say goodbye in the parking lot, go home by myself, go to bed by myself and wait, by myself until Saturday to see you? I mean, I don’t want to be dramatic here, but I literally would rather die.” You flop onto his chest again.

“So you want to come to my place tonight?”

“Yeah, ideally,” you answer like it’s the most obvious thing in the universe, which it is. 

“Cool,” is all he says. If only you could see the look of elation on his face.

“But I’m not wearing your colours because I’m not your girlfriend.”

“What would it take for you to become my girlfriend?” he asks, running his fingers up your thigh. 

“Well, asking me would be a good start!” you scoff. A grin that would put the Cheshire Cat out of business creeps across his face. 

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, alright,” you smile. His grin takes over his entire face. 

“And if you’re my girlfriend, can I fuck you without a condom?”

“Yuji, for fuck’s sake,” you laugh until your cheeks hurt. 


The recording studio in the basement of the Terushima household is panelled with speakers, dark foam and warm, rich, wood. He sits in a grand leather chair with one headphone on his ear, waiting for a new artist’s track to import. You rise from the couch, stretching yourself and shaking your head as though you can turn the jumble in your brain into your final year project. As you cross the room to the side counter, you sing a song beneath your breath. 

“Somebody come get err, she’s dancing like a stripper,” you do a little dance as you wait for your water to boil. Terushima’s gaze tugs at you and you turn to find him, unsurprisingly, staring at your arse. He grins. The first time he heard the song that’s been stuck in your head, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] only raised his eyebrows and blew air from his nose: amused but not impressed. 

Now the guy can’t help but join in. 

“Somebody come giterrrr,” you croon, pointing at him with the cue. He folds his lips into his mouth. 

“Baby, I need to focus. You need to focus.”

“Somebody come geeterrrr!” you cackle, knowing he can’t hold back for long. 

“She’s dancing like a stripperrrr!”

“Ayyy,” you drop to the floor, rocking your hips. Terushima leaps from his chair, drumming the table as he twerks, terribly, his ass stabbing the air in front of you. 

You fall into a fit of laughter as you sing and dance, until the moment you catch his eye in the reflection. You fall quiet, he cocks his eyebrow. 

“Fifteen minute break?” you ask. 

“Bold of you to think you can last that long, baby.”


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This is for the ask event! The prompt I have is where Connor is struggling with being deviant after the revolution. He tries to act just like a non-deviant towards everyone. And when Hank realizes what's going on, he tries to comfort Connor. He tries to tell Connor that he doesn't have to be 'just a robot' anymore.

//I am in love with this! Thank you!!!!

It was the jacket, if Hank had to pick the first tiny red flag after the revolution that had him worried for Connor. He hadn’t gotten rid of that damn jacket, it was like a brand and Hank hated it, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. These things took time he supposed. One week you were a machine designed to track and hunt your own kind, the next you were a person. It was not only a big change but a sudden one. Hank could understand the difficulty to let go of it; there were things he still carried with him after all. The next was the way he spoke, it was still measured and artificial. Connor was still trying to please whomever he was with. It had been easy at first to just assume that Connor’s personality was that of someone who was mild mannered, it would make sense. There were two issues with that though; someone who was mild mannered probably wouldn’t have broken your god damned kitchen window to get inside when they were otherwise capable of getting through the door, and the fact when Hank had casually asked his opinion on something he was well aware Connor wouldn’t have liked he rolled to red for a long moment before picking an answer designed to appease him. Hank would have liked to say that he understood the struggle; but he didn’t, becoming an alcoholic was easy. Becoming a sentient being, he had to imagine was not. The one thing Hank considered himself well versed in though, was taking baby steps, if AA had taught him anything, that was the place to start. Find the smallest thing Connor was struggling with and start there. It seemed easy enough; until Hank thought about the fact that it involved getting Connor to open up to him honestly rather than just trying to say what he thought Hank wanted to hear.

Connor had a particular fondness for Sumo, perhaps he could be the icebreaker, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]. Hank was well aware that he was probably putting more thought into this than a ‘concerned coworker’ ought to, but you could only watch someone come into themself so many times before you were invested, and the number of times Connor had been through this just during the case was well over whatever that number was. The kid deserved a break, god knows he earned it after every thing. So that was his plan. Invite Connor over to see Sumo and go from there. He wasn’t sure what he would do, but he had seen glimpses of who Connor was beneath his coding and he wanted to let that version of him out. A selfish motive? Probably, but that was okay. Connor had been suspicious, which was fair. Hank hadn’t been all that great to him at first, but his fascination with dogs apparently had won out and he agreed to come over on Saturday and spend the day with them. Of course, the one part of this plan Hank had overlooked was needing to have his house somewhat presentable. Sure Connor had seen it before, but Hank liked to believe he had made progress since then. The state of his house would dare to disagree.

His evenings amounted to a marginally successful attempt to give Sumo a bath, cleaning his house, and trying to find bottled thirium that wasn’t overly expensive. He found a carbonated kind that he thought Connor might find interesting and bought that as well. He also bought beer, but he could tweak that into a good friend didn’t let their guest drink alone. Connor probably wouldn’t believe it, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], but that was an issue for another time. The thing about keeping busy was that the weekdays tended to roll by a little faster, so it was Saturday before Hank was mentally prepared for it. He reminded himself that he wasn’t trying to solve this problem; if he was honest, he knew he probably couldn’t even if he tired; he was just looking for a starting point. Something to give Connor to remind him of his agency. That didn’t make him anymore ready for the long buzz of his doorbell at ten in the morning. That was one thing that was uniquely Connor he supposed, the kid rang doorbells like an ass. Hank chuckled at the thought as he opened the door and used his free hand to hold on to Sumo’s collar so he wouldn’t knock Connor over. “I hope I’m not here too early.” Connor said in way of a greeting as he came inside. “You’re fine.” Hank responded, “I’ll be honest though, when I said you could come over at anytime today I was worried you show up at the ass crack of dawn.” “I thought about it.” Connor smiled, it was his artificial one, but it was better than nothing, “But you aren’t known for being up in the mornings.”

Hank rolled his eyes as he let go of Sumo, he was glad for the banter. Sumo was glad for the company as he immediately jumped on Connor. For a moment Hank was worried Connor would be knocked flat, but he only moved one of his feet back half a step and braced himself. He held Sumo’s weight and gladly showered him in attention while Sumo investigated their new houseguest. It was only slight, but Connor’s calculated exterior thawed some. That was progress. Sumo seemed to have satisfied his curiosity and settled back on the floor, though he kept close to his new friend. The smile was still on Connor’s lips but it was softer now, a little more natural and Hank wondered if he even knew he was doing it. “Did you need help with a case?” Connor asked as SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] moved toward the living room. “No.” Hank replied, “I could use the company and you could use a break.” “I don’t need to take breaks. I can incapable of feeling exhaustion.” Came Connor’s remark. “Trust me kid, just because you don’t feel it, or aren’t ‘supposed’ to doesn’t mean its not there.” Hank explained as he settled onto the couch, “You’ve been through a lot, and while you might be feeling alright, that doesn’t mean you aren’t stressed. One day alright, that’s all I’m asking.”

Connor was standing at the far end of the couch and he was on red again, and oblivious to Sumo nudging at his hand. He had never seen Connor with so much emotion on his features, he felt guilty that the emotion of the moment seemed to be panic, but he would take that over the blank expression that was his default. “How - hypothetically speaking of course- how would someone know they were stressed If they had never felt such a thing before?” Hank hummed as Connor sat down on the couch and finally paid mind to Sumo again. “Hypothetically speaking, it would come across as losing interest in the things that person liked to do; things like work, licking god awful substances, asking invasive questions, and telling their partner exactly what inedible things are in their chicken sandwich. Then its falling back on the routines you have built for yourself or learned from others and following them rigidly, anything to make things more manageable. SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] might distance themself from the people around them and bury themself in work, because they need to keep busy.” He watched Connor’s LED roll, it was blue with flicks of yellow on occasion, and Hank was almost certain he saw a flash of red once. Connor was absently petting the top of Sumo’s head as he chased his own thoughts. Hank had never seen him this pensive before, not even at the worst of their crime scenes. “Hypothetically speaking again, how would you suggest someone overcome that stress?”

“Take a break.” Hank said without hesitating, “A day or a weekend to just be. Whatever that means for them, spending time with a friend, going clothes shopping, licking something questionable. Something that they liked that they haven’t gotten to do in a while.” “So, if they wanted to get rid of a jacket or some clothes, that would be okay?” Connor didn’t quite drop the pretense of the hypothetical, but internally Hank cheered. “I would say they should go for it.” He said with a smile. “Hank. I would like to burn my issued clothes if that is ok.” Connor said in a serious enough tone that had Hank choking on a laugh. “When it starts getting dark we can have a bon fire, but first we need to get you something else to wear.” Hank agreed. While it wasn’t how he thought today would go, Hank counted it as a victory.


(Prompt from this list)

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  • Empty space: GB

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  • First of all, delete the old version.
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Touch-It - Virtual keyboard for Windows 7 - On screen Virtual Keyboard - Windows 7 Download

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard Windows 7

On screen Virtual Keyboard with Designer

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard is a powerful set of tools to build and use on screen keyboards. Type right away using the preset layouts or create your own from scratch using the Designer.

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard full details

View full Touch-It - Virtual keyboard screenshot
Touch-It - Virtual keyboard screenshot

Touch-It - Virtual keyboardOtherWindows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, Windows XP, Windows Server r2, Windows ServerWindows Server

User Rating: (30 votes)

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard - Windows 7 Download awards

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard windows 7 compatible

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard full description

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard, the most advanced on-screen keyboard Touch-It Virtual Keyboard is a powerful set of tools to build and use on screen keyboards. Type right away using the preset layouts or create your own from scratch using the Designer. Main features: - Desktop and Winlogon keyboards - On demand - Secure attention sequence (Ctrl+Alt+Del) - Push input field into view - Fully customizable - Support any language - Multi-monitors - And many more Touch-It Virtual Keyboard is a great tool for mobile users with Tablet PCs, machine tools, medical equipment, kiosks or point of sale manufacturers.

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard download tags

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Bookmark Touch-It - Virtual keyboard

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard for Windows 7 - Copyright information

All Touch-It - Virtual keyboard reviews, submitted ratings and written comments become the sole property of Windows 7 download. You acknowledge that you, not windows7download, are responsible for the contents of your submission. However, windows7download reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any submission for any reason.

Windows 7 Download periodically updates pricing and software information of Touch-It - Virtual keyboard full version from the publisher, but some information may be out-of-date. You should confirm all information.
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SUMo Cracked Portable + Serial

SUMo Download

SUMo Cracked Portable + Serial

Note: In demo version automatic self-update capabilities are disabled.

Kick the other SUMo Patch to take him down. Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn&#;t give you any trouble, SUMo Download offers to autodetect installed software on your PC, loading useful information such as product name, company current version, and update status. Programs that are up to date receive a green tick while outdated products are accompanied by a red icon. Also, SUMo Patch sets apart minor from major updates.

SUMo Cracked Portable + Serial

SUMo Activation Features

  • No new features for this version.

SUMo Key

SUMo Download Video Preview

Changelog for SUMo Keygen:

  • [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for &#;CloneBD by Elaborate Bytes AG&#;
  • [Refactoring] &#;inSSIDer&#; / &#;inSSIDer Office&#; distinction
  • [Refactoring] old_chrome to be filtered out
  • [Bug] Wrong version reported for Malwarebytes Premium
  • [Refactoring] Malwarebytes Assistant and tray to be filtered out (dependancies)
  • [Bug] &#;Total Commander Installer&#; to be filtered out

How To Crack SUMo Activation:

  • Simply you need to download SUMo Activation software from the link provided on the official website.
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SUMo Pro Crack

SUMo Pro Crack + Registration Code Free Download

SUMo Pro Crackis attractive near the application program intended to save the software is by up to date, by if a very modest way to discover out whether there’s any update obtainable for a sure package or not. Though it may sound a bit complex, SUMo mechanically scans your PC and examines the installed software to control up-to-date tools, lengthways with slight and main updates. Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn&#;t give you any trouble, SUMo Pro Registration Code offers to autodetect installed software on your PC, loading useful information such as product name, company current version, and update status. So, Programs that are up to date receive a green tick while outdated products are accompanied by a red icon. Also, SUMo sets apart a minor from major updates. taking into account its clear-cut interface and intuitive options.

SUMo Pro Crack + Torrent Free (Mac) Download

Sumo Pro Torrentnext technique may be a little challenging as compared to the first after because each developer has the own style of it’s of offering software releases, though it is quicker than awaiting SUMo to upgrade the online collection of its. When you have determined an application you would want to upgrade; then, you need to choose it and just click the Get Update button. So, It will not take you with the author ‘s website, sadly, though you can browse the net or maybe different download websites for the system in only a couple of clicks, and so will be able to track down the upgrade pretty quickly. As much as added choices are concerned, you can take a look at various applications created by precisely the same SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest] on SUMo’s online library, skip checkups on updates.

SUMo Pro Crack + Mac (Torrent) Download

SUMo Pro Mac is a trivial database which struggles to extra you this effort by punctually learning the greatest new issues for the installed packages of yours. So, SUMo delivers to AutoDetect installed the software on the computer of yours, loading obliging information like creation name, commercial current perfect, and also update rank. So, The software which is as ample as the date becomes an eco-friendly impulse through a red icon escorts old substances. Moreover, SUMo groups separately minor from noteworthy updates. It delivers you to study the swift and relax on the apps you poverty to promotion. Then, It frequently completes in two means by going to SUMo’s site (in the situation the item triumphs in the library) of its or by the profitable right to the reason on the article’s website.

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  • So, Automated detection of installed software.
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  • Filter/authorize Beta types (user setting).
  • Ignore list: just tracks program You need to track;
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  • Internationalization assistance.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, or Windows 7
  • Intel Core i3 / 5/7 or AMD Athlon 64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard drive space
  • Multitouch screen, mouse or tablet
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SUMo Pro Crack Free Serial Key Free Download

SUMo Pro Crack + License Key {Latest} Download

SUMo Pro Crack is an application also known as Software Update Monitor. As the name suggests, the app silently refreshes the old system and possess it up to date. It works actively to transform all of the installed programs into the recent version. Some of the standard PC programs are MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Word, and many others. As we all know that, updating all the installed software manually is a time-consuming and tedious task. Somewhere manual updates stop because of the virus, sudden power loss, or other crashes.

Also, no one has the time to check each app for the update. That&#;s why; SUMo Pro License Key Download brings a friendly interface that is too rich with a direct update as well as automatic updates activities. In short, this is a handy application that saves you precious time and effort. Ultimately, it pays eye and informs the user about the recent resale of the program. Thus, without any bid, the program will be updated to the most current version.

Furthermore, the speedy program always ensures the maximum and % output on the little system resources.  For the best experience, SUMo serial key free download loads the autodetect features that possibly provide the most useful information about the installed program. Thus, enjoy all installed programs with the correct name, current version, release date, company name, file size, License, category, and more.

SUMo Pro Crack With License Key [% Working]

In this way, update any of the programs and enjoy the latest features with the minimum effort. Besides, when the update approaches, the finishing point, then the program will appear with the green icon, and the rest will be marked with the red tick. SUMo Pro Crack&#;s latest version will motivate you to decide on the remaining outdated programs. Just sorts the result and go fast for updates. For this, the two types of methods are described here.  Many people like to use the first method, which is the one-click visit to SUMo&#;s official website.

You have to keep in mind that the first method can only be used in the case when the program is listed in its own library. On the other hand, the second method is not used by many people because it is a little bit difficult. In this method, you have to go to the software release notes and update them according to the instructions. Perhaps, SUMo Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest], SUMo License Key full working is the small, lightweight, but the accelerated program, which is the blessing of the modern invention to make the daily routine task easy and straightforward.

Key Features

  • Available in multi-languages.
  • The broad parameters are listed.
  • Sorts the results after each analysis.
  • A pretty great interface that attracts everyone.
  • Other than this, detects and informs about the required updates.
  • Along with all these, it refreshes the drivers into the new version.
  • Also, build in module for the automatic detection of the outdated program.
  • The mentionable thing is the self-update for professional users.
  • Puts you on the path for a direct connection with the publisher&#;s website.
  • Sometimes, it tracks the only needed program according to the needs.
  • More compatibility and the bets Update Monitors for all types of devices.
  • Show the difference between the updated or outdated program with the green and the red tick.
  • The number one application that has the final solution to maintain the software updates.
  • Hence, it provides the data about each update like the publisher&#;s name, date, size, and much more.

Also, have a look at other interesting software PDFFactory Pro

What Is New In SUMo ?

  • Correct the Missing company name for &#;EdgeDeflector&#; that makes is reliable
  • The application holds the modified feature for detecting the PDF24
  • This version now fully compatible with CPU-Z Custom Editions
  • Introduce the new feature of &#;VSO Locale string editor&#;
  • Added module for Turkish translation
  • Now able to show the clear-cut difference between the Filezilla PRO & FileZilla.
  • Fully works with the Bleachbit v4 portable.
  • Complete formatting of the full version in the standard logs files.
  • In the Apple device, &#;sync*&#; is filtered out.
  • Say goodbye to the black page.
  • Makes the modifications in the polish translation.

System Requirements

  • Compatible with all old and new windows versions including XP and Visita.
  • The typical processor is better.
  • No extra hard disk space.
  • Although a good connection is required.
  • No specific amount of the RAM.

How To Crack?

  1. Download the SUMo Pro Crack from the listed page.
  2. It will direct you to the installation.
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From the settings panel, you can check for updates and take everything in control. The program minimizes the time for updating different software because it eliminates the manual update system. With a clean interface and intuitive functions, SUMo Pro Crack suggests the easy way to control their software installation to get the latest updates as soon as possible under the low system resources. 

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