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revoice pro sale Archives

08/04/2016 - Townsend Labs Sphere 3D Mic Modeling Technology · 07/28/2016 - e-instruments Introduces Session Keys Electric S Electric Piano Instrument For. New OEM Belt Exmark 543521 GENUINE PART · JIM THOME 2021 Topps Archives Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro 4 Rental (3 Months) eDelivery JRR Shop outlet USA sale. Anyone tried Revoice Pro 4 via ARA within Reaper? It's currently on sale, I've used it before when it was standalone with no ARA and it's.

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Revoice pro sale Archives

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What’s new in Revoice Pro 3.1

NEW Revoice Pro 3.1
Time and Pitch Editing Made Faster

Synchro Arts are pleased to announce the release of Revoice Pro 3.1 - a free update to the award-winning V3.0, offering a selection of new pitch editing tools, track group controls and a host of other audio processing and workflow enhancements. These improvements, based adobe muse cc 2020 torrent Archives on customer feedback, further increase the time and effort savings already provided by Revoice Pro. 

Overview of Revoice Pro  

Revoice Pro is a purpose-built, stand-alone program which includes two unique, automatic editing processes, manual time/pitch Warp processes and tight integration with DAWs. 

Revoice Pro's unique APT (Audio Performance Transfer) process can automatically and instantly transfer the timing, pitch, intonation or loudness features from one signal to one or more target signals. This is perfect for matching the timing and tuning of double tracks or syncing ADR - and because you control the tightness, you keep it sounding natural. APT is powered by an advanced version of VocALign.  

If double tracks haven't been recorded, Revoice Pro's Doubler process creates incredibly natural-sounding ones.  

What's more, Warp Processing with an improved graphic interface provides fast, manual manipulation of audio timing and pitch with stunningly transparent audio quality. Automatic grid-based pitch correction is also available.   

Integration with most DAWs is fast and easy, using simple Revoice Pro Link plug-ins or familiar drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste operations.  

  • Manual Pitch Editing Tools: with hot keys support 
  • Track Group Controls:  supports group creation, display, solo and mute 
  • New APT functions: Align using pitch values (for legato phrases). 
  • A/B Comparison: of different process settings on output audio 
  • Multicore background processing: speeds up large session editing  
  • Interface and Operational Improvements: more intuitive and faster 

Revoice Pro 3.1 is a free update for V3.0 owners and runs with a Revoice Pro 3 iLok license. 
Existing user? Watch our "What's New in Revoice 3.1" video HERE
New to Revoice Pro? Watch Typing master pro 7 crack serial keygen overview video HERE

Revoice Pro Applications include:  

  • Tightening the timing, pitch and vibrato of "stacked" lead and backing revoice pro sale Archives or instrumental tracks.  
  • Creating one or more realistic double tracks from a single input track.  
  • Lip-syncing dialogue (ADR) and vocals by the same or different performers, even when there are noisy guide tracks.  
  • Changing the inflection in dialog (ADR, voice-overs etc.) with the desired Guide pattern provided by recording the director or dialog editor.  

Revoice Pro accomplishes these tasks automatically, with astonishing speed, accuracy and quality, revoice pro sale Archives, saving hours of editing.   

User comments 

Gordon Fordyce - Producer, Engineer, Mixer and Editor  
(David Bowie, Mötley Crüe, Boyzone, Marilyn Manson and Puff Daddy) 

“I’ve only recently starting using Revoice Pro and have become completely addicted to it. It’s so easy to play around with vocals and instruments without wasting the artist’s time or energy.”  


Jonah Guelzo – Sound Supervisor 
Ryan Gosling (Actor - ‘Drive’, ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ and ’Lost River’), Peter Berg (Director- ‘Lone Survivor’) and Damon Lindeloff (Writer- ‘Lost’) 

“Revoice Pro has allowed me to reference the pitch and pacing of a piece of recorded dialog on set and using the calculations from such to then impress upon another dialog recording from another take void of troublesome distracting sounds or a clean wild line the timing and pitch.”  

Trials, Downloads and Purchasing 

A revoice pro sale Archives free trial license (iLok-based) for Revoice Pro 3.1 can be obtained from along with downloads of the Revoice Pro program, online manuals and demos.  

Recommended Retail Price  (RRP) of Revoice Pro is:   

$599                                for North America
£374 (ex VAT)         for UK and the rest of the world
€497 (ex VAT)         for Europe

Discounts are available on trade-ins for current VocALign owners.  

Synchro Arts Press Page (for screenshots, logos and .pdf): 
Synchro Arts videos: 
Partner video tutorials (subscription or purchase) HERE.



Dealers can order NEW Synchro Arts product licenses and upgrades from our webstore, revoice pro sale Archives your Dealer Discount Voucher.

Free 14-Day Trials

Your customers can revoice pro sale Archives obtain a trial license from our downloads page if they haven't done so before.

NOTE: Synchro Arts products requires an iLok USB key for trials and full licenses.

Product pricing, revoice pro sale Archives, features, specifications, revoice pro sale Archives, system requirements and availability are subject to change without notice.

If you would like an NFR for demonstration or need a Dealer Discount Voucher, contact

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Cockos Incorporated Forums > REAPER Forums > REAPER Compatibility > Revoice Pro 4 ARA 2 compatibility with Reaper?


View Full Version : Revoice Pro 4 ARA 2 compatibility with Reaper?


05-01-2020, 09:31 PM

Anyone tried Revoice pro sale Archives Pro 4 via ARA within Reaper?

It's currently on sale, I've used it before when it was standalone with no ARA and it's great.
If it works smoothly via ARA with Reaper then I'll probably pick it up.

Melodyne works great via ARA as Take FX, Vocalign works too, so I assume this would.

Anyone tried it via ARA in Reaper?


05-27-2020, 01:50 PM

I'm curious as well.also, you mention Vocalign Pro ARA working.I don;t have an iLok dongle so even on sale this thing's still a high cost proposition, especially untested. Do you have Vocalign pro and use it with REAPER? With ARA now, can a guide track be dragged and dropped and then a bunch of clips dragged and dropped all at once to the Dub and will Vocalign Pro then process them all and replace the clips with the aligned clips? I cannot quite figure this capability out from the material I can find online, revoice pro sale Archives. My biggest curiosity stems from work on virtual choir material where I may have 20-40 clips to align.that's a lot of hand adjusting, and even Vocalign project is a nightmare (2 minutes is too short and handling one track at a time is a bear), revoice pro sale Archives. Anyway, if you have wisdom to share, please do :-) Meanwhile, I am curious of any others reply on use of Revoice. I tried the standalone Revoice and it made my samples diverge from the alignment they started I suspect I did something is far less than intuitive and the documentation tells more about what fxsound enhancer 13.028 crack Archives can do than how to get it to do what needs to be I got frustrated. I did find a bug in Vocalign project.dragging the end points in Dub and Guide does no work right.they said they would have their developers work on it as they were able to recreate it.FYI. Support is VERY responsive.


05-27-2020, 02:44 PM

I bought revoice pro 4, it works brilliantly via ARA, updating in real time as you'd expect.

Regarding vocalign pro doing multiple alignments at once, revoice pro sale Archives, I see no reason why this wouldn't work just as smoothly. My advice when using ARA plugins in Reaper is always load them as take FX.


05-27-2020, 02:58 PM

Thanks for the advice!

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