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Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property Rights


Now more than ever, indigenous peoples’ interests in their cultural heritage are in the spotlight. Yet, there is very little literature that comprehensively discusses how existing laws can and cannot be used to address indigenous peoples’ interests. This book assesses how intangible aspects of indigenous cultural heritage (and the tangible objects that hold them) can be protected, within the realm of a broad range of existing legal orders, including intellectual property and related rights, consumer protection law, common law and equitable doctrines, and human rights. It does so by focusing on the New Zealand Māori. The book also looks to the future, analysing the long-awaited Wai report, released in New Zealand by the Waitangi Tribunal in response to allegations that the government had failed in its duty to ensure that the Māori retain chieftainship over their tangible and intangible treasures, as required by the Treaty of Waitangi, signed between the Māori and the British Crown in


Guardianship Indigneous cultural heritage Intellectual property New Zealand Maori Wai

Authors and affiliations

  1. applemacs.usy of LawUniversity of LucerneLucerneSwitzerland

Bibliographic information

  • Book TitleIndigenous Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Book SubtitleLearning from the New Zealand Experience?
  • AuthorsJessica Christine Lai
  • Copyright InformationSpringer International Publishing Switzerland
  • Publisher NameSpringer, Cham
  • eBook PackagesHumanities, Social Sciences and LawLaw and Criminology (R0)
  • Hardcover ISBN
  • Softcover ISBN
  • eBook ISBN
  • Edition Number1
  • Number of PagesXV,
  • Number of Illustrations6 b/w illustrations, 0 illustrations in colour
  • TopicsIT Law, Media Law, Intellectual Property
    Cultural Heritage
    Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law
    International Economic Law, Trade Law
    Human Rights
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9, HRS


6, HRS


9, HRS

JD SJ 4X4, EXT, AC, AUX HYD, 24", YD

$49, 59,

$71, JD G 24" DIG

5, HRS


JD G QA, DIG, CU, 4-IN-1

6, HRS


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Sturgeon Heights Community Centre Receives LEED Gold Designation



FTS Chassis: • Sizes from 5 ton.

• 5’ to 8’ wide

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et mp






ri eP


Representatives from all levels of government recently gathered at the Sturgeon Heights Community Centre in Winnipeg to celebrate the City’s first-ever civic building to receive LEED Gold Designation. LEED is the most recognized green building rating system in North America. “Our Government is proud to have supported this successful project and would like to congratulate the Sturgeon Heights Community Centre for this great achievement,” said the Honourable Steven Fletcher, Minister of State (Transport) and Member of Parliament for Charleswood−St. James−Assiniboia. “Investments in infrastructure projects like this one create jobs, support economic growth, and contribute to Canada’s longterm prosperity.” “The Sturgeon Heights Community Centre is an excellent example of how devoted staff and an innovative team can create

public space that not only considers the community, but also the environment as a whole,” said Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux. “The result is an energy efficient building with enhanced indoor air quality, natural light and sophisticated technologies.” “This community centre has not only become the jewel of our neighbourhood, but a sustainable jewel that the entire city can be proud of,” said Councillor Scott Fielding (St. James-Brooklands), Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services. “It’s a real honour for this facility to not only receive this recognition, but to be the first civic building in Winnipeg to achieve this status.” “We are proud to be part of a team that has pursued sustainable excellence and recognized the value of the LEED process since day one,” said Jamie Kozak,


OFFICE Luke Jake John

Associate Architect with Prairie Architects. A little over a year ago, the City celebrated the completion of an important project, the amalgamation of the Silver Heights and Sturgeon Creek Community Centre into a new 18,square-foot, energyefficient facility. The integrated facility makes extensive use of natural light. Where needed, energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors throughout the building are helping to reduce energy costs. Drought tolerant plants, low-flow faucets, and other features mean this facility will use roughly 50 percent less water compared to a conventional building. As well, 84 percent of construction waste and materials from deconstructing the existing building were recycled or salvaged. The Government of Canada committed $ million under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund toward the eligible costs of this project while the Government of Manitoba contributed $ million, and the City of Winnipeg contributed $ million toward this $million project. b

() () cell () cell () cell

HITACHI ZXLC-3, 1, Hrs, Long Crawler, A/C, Heat. ,

HITACHI ZX, 3, Hrs, Rear View Camera, Std Dig Bucket $97,

HITACHI ZX, 3, Hrs, Std. Dig Bucket, Rear View Camera, Hydraulic Thumb Available. $89,

HITACHI ZXE, 3, Hrs, A/C, Heat, Isuzu Engine, Thumb Recently Installed, Not Shown In Photo. $87,

HITACHI ZXUR, 2, Hrs, Offset Boom, Bolt-On Rubber Pads, Blade $67,

HITACHI ZX, 1, Hrs, Blade, A/C, Heat $94,

DEERE D, 1, Hrs, Hydraulic Pin Grabber, Aux. Plumbing $94,

JOHN DEERE 80C, Hrs, Cab, Rubber Tracks, Quick Change, Thumb Installed$42,

KOMATSU PCLC-6, Standard Stick, Standard Dig Bucket, Good Running Condition $49,

KOMATSU PCLC-7, Hydraulic Pin Grabber, Standard Stick, Standard Bucket, Hrs $89,

CAT DL, 3, Hrs, A/C, Heat, Long Stick. $89,

CAT CSB, Blade, Dig Bucket, Swing Boom. . $49,

NEW KOBELCO SKLC, Rear View Camera, Aux. Plumbing, PSM Hydraulic Thumb Installed (not shown)$,

KOBELCO SR LC, Hrs, Aux Hydraulics, Manual Wedge Q/C $82,

KOMATSU WA, 6, Hrs, Good Rubber, GP Bucket, Cab. $, KOMATSU WA, GP Bucket, Cab, Quick Coupler, Hrs $,

CAT D6N LGP, OROPS, Six Way Blade, Hrs. $69,

KOMATSU D65PX, 4, Hrs, Straight Tilt Blade. $67,

CAT CU, 3, Hrs, Blade, Thumb, Quick Change. $69, • •

CATERPILLAR ART. TRUCK, 6x6, L, HP, A/C, Heated Box, Emerg Steer, R25, 8, Hrs $,

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Wildfire! Front Page Story

Every year, countries, territories, states and provinces around the globe spend billions of dollars in forest wildfire prevention, management, control and extinguishment. This cost is second only to the loss in value of marketable timber as well as public and private property to say nothing of the loss of human life to which a value cannot be placed. By Ronald Mullins


lobally, the largest forest wildfire in recent history was the Black Dragon Fire in China, which broke out in May along the Amur River, the boundary between eastern Siberia and Chinese Manchuria. This fire burned approximately 18 million acres (72, sq km) of pristine conifer forest - an area almost one and one half times that of the provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New

Brunswick combined. The worst of this conflagration took place between the evening hours of May 7 and the early morning hours of May 8, when it took most of its victims: more than dead and burned and injured. The single worst wildfire in U.S. history, in both size and fatalities, was the Great Peshtigo Fire in northern Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan that burned million

acres (15, sq km) and killed at least 1, during the week of October , After a hot, dry summer strong, warm autumn winds fanned the fires out of control. Fire tornadoes were reported at several locations, and the fire became so hot that people taking refuge in rivers were boiled to death. Unattended fires at logging camps in the area are believed to have caused the fire. In October , the massive Cloquet Fire in northern Minnesota is believed to have been caused by sparks from the local railroad. This forest wildfire was one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history in terms of the number of lives lost in a single day. In total, lives were lost and 52, people were injured or displaced, 38 communities were destroyed, , acres (1, sq km) were burned, and 73 million dollars in property damage was suffered. Here in Canada, the Great Miramichi Fire in

October , devastated forests and communities throughout much of northern New Brunswick. It blackened almost 4 million acres (16, sq km) and ranks amongst the three largest forest fires ever recorded in North America. As this fire raged out of control it destroyed about one third of the homes in Fredericton, but the main devastation took place about kilometers to the northeast. On the evening of October 7, , the firestorm roared through Newcastle, now part of the City of Miramichi, and in less than three hours reduced the town to ruins. To escape the blaze, many residents took refuge with livestock and wildlife in the Miramichi River. The loss of human life in and around Newcastle alone reached and included all prisoners in the local jail. Elsewhere, the totals were likely higher, given the number of lumbermen in the forests at the time. The

cause of the blaze is not known, but was likely the result of human activity. Ontario is more than one million square kilometres in size, of which 85 percent is covered by a variety of forest types. Wildfires have always been, and will continue to be, a real threat to the forest and its human and animal inhabitants. The province has seen a number of destructive wildfires over the years. In , a forest fire in the Baudette-Rainy River area killed 42 people and scorched over , acres (1, sq km). The next year, the infamous Porcupine fire, one of the largest in Ontario’s history, burned almost , acres (2, sq km), including the towns of Timmins, South Porcupine and Cochrane. The estimated death toll was In , a fire in the Matheson area burned the villages of Kelso, Val Gagne, Porquis Junction and Iroquois Falls, taking lives. The Haileybury fire in killed 43 and destroyed 6, homes. Source: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources In recent history, and seared into our memories, are the Flat Top Complex Wildfire in Alberta and the Okanagan Mountain Park in British Columbia. The Okanagan Mountain Park Fire was caused by a lightning strike. Before it was controlled, it burned over 63, acres ( sq km), destroyed or damaged homes, caused the evacua-

July tion of over 33, people and wiped out 12 historic wooden railway trestles in Myra Canyon. (Source: BC Wildfire Management) Three simultaneous wildfires, which became known as The Flat Top Complex Wildfire, combined and destroyed over residences and commercial buildings in and around Slave Lake and resulted in the evacuation of almost 15, people. Unlike the Okanagan Mountain Park fire, this fire is believed to have been human caused. (Source: Alberta Ministry of Environment) The most common cause of wildfires varies throughout the world. In Canada and northwest China, lightning is the major source of ignition. In the United States, the source of wildfires can be traced to both lightning strikes and human activities. In other parts of the world, human involvement is a major contributor. Wildfires present a challenge for forest management because they have the potential to be at once harmful and beneficial. On the one hand, wildfires can threaten communities and destroy vast amounts of timber resources, resulting in costly losses. On the other hand, these fires are a natural part of the forest ecosystem and important in many parts of Canada for maintaining the health and diversity of the forest. b Copyright REMco Rock Engineered Machinery Company Reprinted with permission.

FACTS ABOUT WILDFIRES IN CANADA Canada has about 10% of the world’s forests. Each year over the last 25 years, about forest fires have occurred. The total area burned varies widely from year to year, but averages about million acres annually. Only 3% of all wildfires that start each year in Canada grow to more than acres in area. However, these fires account for 97% of the total area burned across the country. Fire suppression costs over the last decade in Canada have ranged from about $ million to $1 billion a year. (Source: Natural Resources Canada) A wildfire is one of the most powerful forces in nature, as anyone who has watched its frightening fury can attest. Be careful working or playing in or near the forest or dry grasslands and be sure to report wildfires to the local authorities.


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Case Lends Support To Victory Garden Initiative Thanks to Victory Garden Initiative, community groups, volunteers and the sponsorship and support of CASE Construction Equipment, Milwaukee residents can enjoy vegetables grown in their own neighbourhoods. It’s all part of the Victory Garden Blitz, an event that involved the installation of new vegetable gardens throughout the City of Milwaukee from May 11 through May Nearly twice as many gardens were installed this spring when compared with last year’s effort. “The Victory Garden Blitz is a great example of people coming together to help improve the community, while at the same time, taking meaningful steps to create a more ecologically sustainable future,” said Jim Hasler, Vice President, CASE Construction EquipmentNorth America. “We’re thrilled to participate in

this project – and we congratulate everyone who contributed their time and effort to make the goal of gardens a reality. It’s a remarkable accomplishment.” CASE Construction Equipment is a division of CNH Global N.V., a subsidiary of Fiat Industrial, S. p. A. For its role in the Blitz project, CASE Construction Equipment donated a CASE SV medium-frame skid steer loader, a machine operator and event signage – all of which is in addition to CNH’s financial sponsorship of the project. A total of 15 Fiat Industrial employees and their family members and friends volunteered a day of labour to the effort, which included the construction and filling of raised gardens across Milwaukee. “We believe a community-based, sustainable, nutritious, and socially just food system can be created if we grow some

of our own food in the city,” said Victory Garden Initiative Director Gretchen Mead. “We couldn’t do it without the support of CASE Construction Equipment.” Throughout the project, gardens were installed in yards, businesses, schools, churches, and community spaces. A variety of volunteer and neighbourhood groups helped construct, fill and plant the gardens, culminating in an effort that feeds Milwaukee residents with fresh, organic food. Materials for each garden were made possible by a $ donation or sponsorship. “We are thankful to have CASE Construction Equipment as partners in the food movement in Milwaukee,” added Mead. “Installing new gardens is truly something incredible.” Victory Garden Initiative builds communities who grow food, reintegrating human and food ecology, advancing a resilient food culture from soil, to seed, to plate, to soil. Find out more a b

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Carmanah Technologies Launches Solar Engine Line Carmanah Technologies (TSX: CMH) recently announced the launch of its “powered by Carmanah” standalone solar engine product line, which is now available to OEM outdoor lighting fixture manufacturers. The solar engine product line allows for the supply of Carmanah’s commercial-grade solar outdoor light engines for integration with virtually any luminaire manufacturer’s product. Building from the company’s success as a standalone solar-powered

outdoor lighting system manufacturer, Carmanah has introduced the new standalone solar engine product line as a strategic answer to an outdoor lighting market that requires off-grid solutions with a variety of luminaire options. Carmanah proprietary technology allows for the easy plug-and-play pairing of virtually any fixture under W with a complete line of solar engines that range from an architectural/esthetic design with motion sensing capabilities to value-engineered industrial models capable of produc-

ing up to 12, lumens in sun-belt regions of the world. Carmanah’s unique approach to the off-grid lighting market, which includes simulation tools that specify performance prior to deployment, has allowed the company to offer a variety of solar engine solutions with multiple luminaire options without compromising on lumen performance and avoiding unnecessary costs with oversized solar systems. Providing a portfolio of “Powered by Carmanah” solar engines that range from 40 to W panels in a variety of form factors, Carmanah is the preferred supplier of lighting companies who are starting to develop a solar lighting strategy. Continued on page 22





Washington 78A c/w: Grapple, (2) drop line carriages, lines, 40’ boom, split cab, Cummins eng, 3 guy lines, mounted on M crawler carrier. Recent repairs & updates. One piece move. $72,

Furukawa HCR CR Drill Truck c/w: Atlas Copco hammer, full roll over boom, Isuzu eng., hydraulic drive undercarriage, equipped with Hayes HD T/A flat deck truck. $29,

Madill c/w: Grapple, lines, 60’ boom, tag winch set, Detroit Diesel Series 60 eng., one guy line, mounted on Madill B8 mechanical drive crawler carrierCALL

LOG LOADERS Kobelco SKMkIVLL c/w: T-Mar 70” grapple, heel rack, LL front, elevated rear entry cab, forestry guarding package w/ aux. fuel tank, highwalker undercarriage w/ 32” DBP. Recent major work orders. CALL Caterpillar L c/w: IMAC Butt-N-Top grapple, LL front, elevated rear entry cab, forestry guarding package w/ aux fuel tank, highwalker undercarriage w/28" double bar padsCALL

Finning MF Tank Drill c/w: Sullivan VCR hammer, GD boom, ROPS cab, CFM compressor, Cat eng., mounted on M crawler carrier. Unit can come equipped with inventory of steel, styker bars, etc $19, Finning MF Tank Drill c/w: PR66 hammer, GD boom, ROPS cab, bit grinder, Cat , mounted on M crawler carrier $24,

CRAWLER TRACTOR Caterpillar D7G c/w: DAT blade, sweeps, ROPS canopy, screens, Hyster winch $29,


Hitachi EXLL c/w: PMW Grapple, heel rack, LL front, elevated rear entry cab, forestry guarding package, highwalker undercarriage with TBP. $39,


skid steer loaders What began in , has resulted in a new breed of Mustang skid steer loader; the R Series. These new radial-lift skid steer loaders are setting a new industry standard. With advanced hydraulics, state-of-the-art engines and an upgraded operators station, these new members of the Mustang herd come ready to work, just as they did years ago.

1 9 0 0 R

Lift Height ” Rated Capacity 1, lbs.

2 2 0 0 R

Lift Height ” Rated Capacity 2, lbs.

PROCESSORS Kobelco SKMkIVLL c/w: T-Mar grapple, heel rack, Logmax processing head (c/w: top saw, steel rollers, butt saw, Motomit IT computerized measuring sys.) LL front, elevated rear entry cab, Cummins eng., forestry guarding package,double bar forestry pads$,

WHEEL LOADERS Volvo BM LC c/w: 14’6” custom built smooth edge bkt, ROPS cab, 65/L-5 tires, auto greaser, plumbed for weigh scale$49, Caterpillar C c/w: log grapple, ROPS cab, X25 tires, forestry guarding package $34,


Pacific P T/A Tractor & Columbia D.A.M. Ton T/A Lowbed c/w: Cummins eng., Allison , wet kit, spring susp., Rockwell SPR rear planetary axles, X25 tires, hyd. fifth wheel, 22’L X 12’W wood lined deck, 8 wheel steerable WB susp., X25 tires, hyd. ramps, push block. Inventory of spare partsCall for details. Page & Page 30 Ton TA Lowbed 20’ L X 8’6” W wood lined deck, WB susp., Bud wheels, 11R new wiring, paint and deck $14,


2 6 0 0 R

Lift Height ” Rated Capacity 2, lbs.

13’ Shallow Draft Sidewinder Boom Boat c/w: GM , Hydro drive$12, 32’ West Coast 12 Passenger Aluminum Crew Boat c/w: radar, sounder, VHF radio, 6V71 engine, Allison drive, call for details. $28,

W.R. Scott Equipment th St. NW Edmonton, AB T6P 1N8

East Lake Rd. NW Airdrie, AB T4A 2J5

B6, 53 Burnt Park Drive Red Deer, AB T4P 0J7

Phone: Toll Free: Email:

Phone: Toll Free: Email:

Phone: Toll Free: Email:

to learn more about Mustang skid steers visit

m u s t a n g m f g . c o m

John Deere c/w: Dig bkt, hyd. Q/C, hyd. thumb, forestry cab on 8” riser, forestry guarding package w/ aux. fuel tank, highwalker undercarriage w/ 28”forestry pads. 8, hours$, Kobelco SKLC c/w: Dig bkt, CU bkt, Q/C, hyd. thumb, cab guard, catwalks, Mitsubishi eng., 28” triple bar pads. Ready to work! $49, Caterpillar C c/w: dig bkt, Q/C, hyd. thumb, forestry guarding package w/ aux fuel tanks, std carrier w/ triple bar pads $19,

MISCELLANEOUS Western Star F T/A Tractor c/w: Cummins N14, 18 speed, double diff locks, headache rack, rubber block suspension, 11R tires, lowbed ramps$16, Ford F 4X4 Service Truck c/w: V8, 5 speed, U/H comp. w/ tank,15’ deck w/ full size walk in service body, drill press, Autocrane PRX crane, waste oil recovery system, spring susp $12, Aveling Barford RXD28 Articulated Dump Truck c/w: Cummins, ZF trans., X25 tires$29,



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“We’ve been working towards an OEM strategy for our solar LED lighting systems after receiving multiple requests from OEMs for a solar solution that worked with their



Corrugated HDPE Pipe Receives Approval From Tennessee DOT

luminaires,” states Bruce Cousins, Carmanah CEO. “Lighting manufacturers are seeking a reliable partner to supply high performance solar engines, so they can participate in the growing mar-

ket for off grid lighting. Carmanah’s technology is ready and our products are setup for this type of partnership and we’re excited to have Acuity The Tennessee DepartBrands, Lighting Science and others on board.” b ment of Transportation (TDOT) has approved the longitudinal installation of large diameter, PARTS • SERVICE • SALES • RENTALS • PARTS • SERVICE • SALES • RENTALS corrugated High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for storm water drainage systems. Approval came after its year-long field test completed in June that showed no notable defects, deflection or stress on the pipe buried VOLVO A40F Stk #: K, S/N: DEERE D Stk #: K, S/N: KOMATSU HM Stk #: KOMATSU HM Stk #: with shallow cover and Cat 14M, Stk #K, VCEOA40FT, Hrs . . . . Call 1DWDXABD, Hrs . . K, S/N: KMTHMJ, K, S/N: KMTHMT, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Call Hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Call Hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Call fill height depth of three 2, hrs, ripper, push block Volvo A40F, Stk #K, John Deere D LC, Call. tailgate Call. Stk #K, 2, hrs Call. to four feet. Since the TDOT has allowed the pipe to be used for cross drains, transverse median drains and storm drain KOMATSU DAX-6 Stk #: CATERPILLAR D6T LGP Stk #: CATERPILLAR F Stk #: CATERPILLAR CS56 Stk #: systems with up to 18 feet K, S/N: , Hrs, K, S/N: KSB, Hrs . . . . K, S/N: , Hrs . . Call K, Hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Call kg/ lb . . . . . . . . . . . . $, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Call of fill height. Previously, longitudinal use was limited, for example, to side Cat D6T LGP Stk #K, Cat F, Stk #K, Hitachi ZX drains under driveways. Powertrain & Hyd. warranty Stk #K, hrsCall. 3, hrs VPAT, MS ripper. Call. Call. “The Tennessee study and its subsequent ad KOMATSU D65WX Stk #: CATERPILLAR D7E Stk #: CATERPILLAR CBE Stk #: CATERPILLAR CP Stk #: K, S/N: , Hrs . . . . . . . K, S/N: MDB, Hrs, K, S/N: AC3C, Hrs, K, S/N: , Hrs . . . Call ditional approval of cor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $, kg/ lb/ . . . . . . . . . . . Call kg/ lb . . . . . . . . . . $34, rugated HDPE pipe is another confirmation of confidence for this durable product,” stated Tony Radoszewski, Executive Cat D6T LGP Hitachi ZXLC-3, Stk Cat D7R, Stk #K, HITACHI ZX Stk #: k, HITACHI ZX LC-3 Stk #: DEERE G LC Stk #: K, KOMATSU PC LC Stk #: 4, hrs, angle blade, winch. Stk #K, 2, hrs, 31" #K, 4, hrs Call. Director of the Plastics S/N: , Hrs . . . . . . . Call K, S/N: 1FFAST0XCBD, S/N: , Hrs . . . . . . . Call K, S/N: , Hrs . . . Hrs, lb . . . . . . . . . . . . Call . . . . . MS . . . . . . Ripper. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Call. . . Call Call. Pads, VPAT, Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI). “We estimate that lonTHE ONLY PART NUMBER YOU’LL EVER NEED gitudinal installation accounts for more than 80 percent HDPE pipe use in storm sewer drainage. This amendment to the • Idylwyld Drive • Saskatoon, SK TDOT design manual that PARTS • SERVICE • SALES • RENTALS • PARTS • SERVICE • SALES • RENTALS expands the use of HDPE

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Hydrema Earth Moving Equipment is developed and built in Denmark. With 52 years of industry knowledge, Hydrema is one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialized earth moving equipment in the world.

Hydrema HM Flat Bed Carrier · All new with 8' x 12' tilting flat deck · 10 tonne carrying capacity · Low ground pressure of 8 psi front / 12 psi rear when loaded · Perkins litre engine · 6 spd ZF automatic transmission · Runs on / flotation tires · Hydrema patented stability system · Available as cab and chassis only

pipe will greatly benefit everyone in Tennessee. This is because HDPE pipe has a very long use life and is highly cost effective to purchase and install, which adds up to taxpayer savings.” PPI is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry. Under the direction of TDOT and installed by an independent contractor, the on-site test project used two runs of dualwall, corrugated HDPE pipe that was manufactured to AASHTO M standard, “Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe (12 inch) to mm (48inch) Diameter”. The test site used 84 linear feet of inch (mm) and 90 linear feet of inch (mm) diameter pipe manufactured by Timewell (Timewell, Illinois), a member company of PPI. Installation conformed to TDOT Standards (b) and (b), TDOT Standard Drawing D-PB-1, and appropriate notes in the construction documents The final inspection conducted by TDOT and Timewell engineers followed TDOT and AASHTO criteria, noting that deflection testing was to occur no sooner than 30 days after installation. Due to easy access and the large diameter pipe sizes, direct physical measurements and observations were taken from inside the pipe, and at regular intervals across the entire span of each pipe run. Vertical

measurements for deflection of the pipe were taken at the beginning and terminus of each pipe run, at each joint, and generally at foot intervals. Additional inspections were geared to observe the condition of the pipe, looking for material distress such as cracks, tears, or punctures. The standard length of an installed HDPE pipe section from Timewell is 20 feet, and all joints were examined for integrity. “According to the inspection report,” stated Radoszewski, “the pipe retained its shape, was on line and grade, without any imperfections, and showed no signs of distress. Any deflections were symmetrical about their corresponding horizontal and vertical axis and well within the allowable five percent maximum – no racking was observed. Each and every joint appeared well-seated.” “The inspection concluded that the pipe was favourably installed, the bed and backfill were properly compacted and followed standard industry practices, such as those contained in PPI technical bulletins and the PPI Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Design Manual and Installation Guide, which can be conveniently found on our website under ‘publications’. Because there were no notable defects or stresses we can expect that future pipe installations using similar TDOT or industry approved methods will result in nearly identical positive results.” For more information, go to: applemacs.uscpipe. org. b

HEAVY DUTY STEEL WORKBENCHES Built To Last! Professional Grade Roller Bearing Drawer Guides ■ 1⁄8” Steel Top, 16 Gauge Drawers ■ Custom Designs, Any Length, Any Colour ■ Bolt Storage, Welding Tables, Roller Benches ■ ■

2' Storage Unit

10' Stationary Bench

SOLD & SERVICED BY: Alberta Construction Equipment Sales & Service Inc. Authorized Dealer




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Terex Sand And Gravel Washplant In Tropical Trinidad Readymix (W.I.) is one of Trinidad’s top producers of high quality concrete and related products and was in need of a new wash plant to replace their existing plant that was challenged with inefficiencies and maintenance and production issues. Readymix (W.I.) chose to work with DUO PLC, who has more

than 35 years of industry experience and is also well known within the Caribbean region. After careful analysis of Readymix’s specific requirements, paying particular attention to the varied high silt feed material, DUO proposed a custom Terex Washing Systems’ plant that is now effectively processing clay bound

Phone: () Fax: () Kelowna, B.C.



sand and gravel to produce three aggregates and one grade of sand while operating at tons per hour. Readymix (W.I) selected a Terex plant over other options specifically due to the expertise DUO and Terex offered in the field and the ability to provide a comprehensive sales and support package. Ravi Singh, Quarry Manager for ReadyMix (W.I.), commented, “DUO and Terex thoroughly investigated the product to be processed; analyzing it thoroughly and from this designed a bespoke plant most suited to our individual needs. In addition they provided a dedicated team of engineers, sales and aftersales technicians to support throughout the plant installation and commissioning process.” The plant consists of an H 9 feeder, R screenbox, FM C cyclone, dewatering screen, PS R logwasher, D dry screen, two lattice frame feed conveyors and four TC conveyors to



July The plant consists of an H 9 feeder, R screenbox, FM C cyclone, dewatering screen, PS R logwasher, D dry screen, two lattice frame feed conveyors and four TC conveyors

achieve the customer’s desired grades. Luke Talbot, International Sales Manager for DUO, commented, “We were delighted when Readymix selected DUO as their preferred supplier for the washplant, which reinforces the success of our previous projects installed in this market and shows the strength of our reputation in the region. The new plant has been very well received and will certainly add a new dimension and increased efficiency to their overall production.” Ravi Singh added, “This new plant has replaced an existing barrel type washing plant. The maintenance costs on the old plant were extremely high, which left it less cost effective for processing. However, the TWS equipment has much lower maintenance costs, has maximum efficiency and productivity and allows us to be ultimately much more competitive in the market. The newly designed plant also allows us to get a cleaner, more desirable product.” Following a recent trip to the Trinidad site, Fergal McPhillips, Sales Manager TWS, commented, “The plant is effectively addressing Readymix’s problems. It is achieving excellent results by being much more efficient while generating

outstanding commercial output and dealing with the demands of the construction market.” The wash plant has been in operation for one month now and Ravi Singh, went on to say, “We are extremely impressed and excited about the prospects of this new Terex washplant which is currently operating at tph. We can firmly say this is the largest project the company has embarked on for a long time and undoubtedly the most successful in terms of production. The entire team involved in the project at Readymix (W.I) has been extremely impressed with all aspects of the plant from the initial conception through to the final end product, including consultation, engineering, service and aftersales support from both DUO and TWS.” Sean Loughran, Director of TWS, commented, “The Trinidad sand and gravel washplant is a demonstration of yet another complex plant offered by DUO and TWS. Both DUO and TWS carefully considered the customer’s specific needs and manufactured a custom plant which is operating at tph and is much more efficient than Readymix’s previous plant, ultimately producing a more desirable product. This is supported


by DUO’s specialist team of engineers, applications and aftersales technicians from initial conception through to final commissioning, all of which receives support from our engineering team. DUO is highly respected within the Trinidad market, having installed a number of other plants. They are valued not only for high quality products they sell but also for their high levels of application, technical knowledge and aftersales care and support.” DUO and TWS are committed to providing all customers with excellent customer support and aftersales care and this was another unique appeal for Readymix (W.I) opting for a Terex washplant. Ravi Singh added, “What was also particularly appealing is the availability of spares if required and in addition the direct face to face contact we had with both DUO and TWS. The level of service was second to none throughout the installation and final commissioning of the plant.” To find out more or to discuss specific washing requirements, contact us at or visit our dedicated website which provides an overview of the full product offering at washing. b




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WestJet’s First Q NextGen Airliner

AD DEADLINE: July 12, pm




05 Deere C, 2, hrs. Top condition.

07 Komatsu PCUSLC hrs.

$17, $27, $35, $42, $39, $69, $73, $69,


‘06 Takeuchi TB ‘07 Takeuchi TB ‘07 Takeuchi TB ‘07 Deere 50D ‘07 Takeuchi TB ‘06 Deere C ‘06 Case CX ‘06 Deere J LGP

sit Come Vi site Our Web w To Vie ts! uc Our Prod

opment in the evolution of the Q aircraft, and the advanced successor to Bombardier’s Dash 8/QSeries family of aircraft. Optimized for short-haul operations, the “comfortably greener,” to


Aldergrove, BC

ROT 0˚



˚ T I LT




96th ave., surrey, bc


Supply Post Western Canada Edition ·

Mack “Thinks Big” To Keep Pace With New Ship’s Gear Mack Manufacturing’s focus on building buckets to match the higher-capacity cranes of today’s ships has not only turned heads up and down America’s waterways, but the world at large. The company was among those recently recognized by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley for excellence in international trade. “These companies are taking advantage of the tools available to them to serve customers all over the world,” Gov. Bentley said of the eight Governor’s Trade Excellence Award recipients. “The Export Alabama Alliance is connecting Alabama companies with exciting new opportunities, and that’s good business for this state.” A family-owned and operated company founded in northern Minnesota in ,

Mack began as a welding company to support the forestry and mining industries, but quickly reinvented itself as a crane attachment manufacturer specializing in material handling. Today, this focus is highlighted by Mack’s expanding range of clamshell buckets and grabs for the stevedoring industry, particularly well serviced from the company’s current base on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Of Mack’s approximate annual sales of $7+ million, roughly 15 percent can be attributed to direct exports. “The 25 yard buckets used to be the largest size we ever produced for these applications,” says Matt Davidson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “but we’ll build them as big as our customers need. We have been receiving orders recently for shipmounted cranes rated up

to as much as 30 and 35 tons.” The company recently commissioned a 40 bucket, painted in the crimson red of the NCAA National Champion University of Alabama Football Team. Whereas smaller “touch & go” buckets were once more common in use with ship cranes, Mack has found most shipbuilders and stevedoring firms today wish to adopt the company’s single-line buckets. Gaining in particular popularity is Mack’s self-contained, dieselpowered grapples and buckets with remote controls, an innovative market introduction which allows customers to handle materials with higher densities such as pig iron and HBI. “However, they still offer the simplicity and versatility you want on a ship’s crane, compared to the electrically-powered units used by port facilities,” says Davidson. Radio-controlled models allow operators to actuate the bucket hydraulics from onboard the ship or from the dock,

anywhere within a ft. radius of the crane. The solenoid control valve on the bucket is powered by a 12V marine battery. Standard models include a second valve which can be attached to a ¼-inch line as a backup to the radio control. Mack also has a full range of medium-duty

resents one of five projects – the others are Itetemia, Buckreef, Bingwa and Tembo - that are included in the Company’s production plan. It is the Company’s intention to move to production on all gold properties that qualify, while at the same time expanding exploration on the base metals project in the Kabanga Nickel Belt. The latter will be undertaken by its subsidiary, Northwestern Base Metals Company Limited, a company whose investors also include the State Mining Corporation of Tanzania (Stamico) and Beijing Songshanheli Mining Investment Co., a Beijingbased mining company. The properties under the operatorship of Northwestern Base Metals Company Limited are being evaluated as exploration prospects primarily for tungsten, nickel, cobalt and other base metals such as cassiterite and coltan. b

buckets recommended for off-loading bulk materials up to lbs./, as well as lightduty buckets offering weight savings and lower costs for moving grains and similar materials under 60 lbs./ With more than 30 years experience supplying equipment for ships and ports, Mack works

with customers to help them assess the optimum bucket size and type to match the equipment and cargoes they require. “Our goal is to move the maximum amount of material over the longest possible lifecycle,” says Davidson. “That’s how our customers get the best value from our products.” b

Ultimate Traction Control




Tanzanian Royalty Granted Mineral Rights At Kigosi Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation (TSX:TNX)( NYSE MKT LLC: TRX) is pleased to announce that the Company’s Kigosi Project in Tanzania has been granted a Mineral Rights and Mining License through its wholly owned subsidiary, Tanzania American International Development Corporation Limited (“Tanzam”). The Mineral Rights and Mining License covers the entire area applied for, square kilometres of the Kigosi Project. The grant of a Mining License allows for eventual production at Kigosi. The Kigosi Project has been certified for its environmental worthiness and safety following multiple stages of review and permits, including town hall meetings and focus group discussions among local and district residents and stakeholders, as well as local and national government regulators. The Kigosi Project rep-

Page 45


6x16 2 Deck Wheeled Screen-It $POR

x Reverse Discharge Impact Crusher $POR

CEC Quarry King Feeder sold with (2) heavy duty Conveyors $,

Used 5x12 Screen-It, hours. $98,

Bare Model 90 Rock on Rock Bare vertical Shaft Impactor $POR

Used 35x46 Pioneer Jaw Plant Tri-Axle 8’ Spread, hp jaw motor, 50hp feeder hydraulic drive motor $,

See our latest inventory here

NEW RWS Rock/Wood Separator $POR

NEW CEC Portable Rock-It Free Standing Grizzly Dump $POR

Please contact CEC at ()

Page 46

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CN Railway Orders Four LNG Tenders From Westport Westport Innovations Inc. (TSX:WPT/ NASDAQ:WPRT), recently announced the launch of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tender product solution with an order for four tenders from Canadian National Railway (CN) (TSX:CNR) (NYSE:CNI). The first tender to supply fuel to an adjacent naturalgas powered locomotive will be quarter of “There is growing consensus around the enormous potential of using LNG as a fuel for locomotives and there is a clear path for the industry to achieve this shift to a cleaner, cheaper and domestically available fuel,” said Nicholas Sonntag, Executive Vice-President at Westport. “The Westport LNG Tender leverages our substantial expertise in LNG storage, cryogenic systems, and natural gas fuel delivery for mobile applications to create a product that will immediately

help railroads to validate the value of LNG in their operations today, with a built-in upgrade pathway to the next-generation locomotives coming over the next few years.” Putting the LNG on a Westport LNG Tender, rather than simply replacing the diesel fuel tanks on existing locomotives, offers a number of advantages: • More than 10, gallons LNG capacity—provides longer range than a diesel locomotive, reducing the need for LNG refuelling infrastructure and refuelling stops, • Intelligent fueling controls will allow tenders to supply fuel to natural gas locomotives from virtually any manufacturer, reducing operational complexity and investment in different proprietary fuel supply solutions, • Each tender can support two locomotives, reducing the capital invest-

ment required to move to LNG, • Utilizes an industry standard vehicle design and 40’ LNG ISO tank, which minimizes cost and will allow production volumes to be rapidly increased as the industry migrates to LNG. “CN is testing natural gas locomotives and Westport’s experience in providing LNG solutions for transportation makes it the natural partner for us,” said Gerry Weber, CN VicePresident Supply, Fleet and Fuel Management. “These tenders will be used immediately with our dual fuel locomotives in mainline service, allowing CN to continue to explore this technology as a means to advance the company’s sustainability agenda and improve environmental emissions.” Westport is collaborating with INOXCVA, a leading manufacturer of cryogenic transportation

Page 4

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Supply Post Western Canada Edition ·

Page 5


Production Blvd., Surrey, BC, V3S 8P6 Phone Fax


CHAMPION / VOLVO GRADERS VOLVO G, Low Cab, x25 Tires, 3, Hrs, Stk $, VOLVO G, x25 Tires, Stk $, VOLVO GB, Low Cab, x24 tires, Stk $, VOLVO GB, Low Cab, x25 tires, Stk $,

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VOLVO GB, Low Cab, x25 tires, Stk $,


VOLVO GB, Tall Cab, x25 tires, Stk , Rebuilt Transmission $, VOLVO GB, Low Cab, x24 tires, Stk ON RENT VOLVO GB, Tall Cab, x 25 tires, Float Valves, Stk $,

Stk · $70,

VOLVO GB, Low Cab, x 25 tires, Stk $,


VOLVO GB, Low Cab, x25 tires, Stk $,


CHAMPION A, Tall Cab, x25 tires, float valves, Stk $71,


CHAMPION A, Tall Cab, x 25 tires, Stk $63, CHAMPION A, Tall Cab, x 25 tires, Stk $58,

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CHAMPION A, Tall Cab, Stk $42,


OTHER EQUIPMENT JOHN DEERE SJ SOLD VOLVO L90F, Stk .Call for details Ingersoll Rand SDD Vibratory Roller 84", Cab with A/C, Padfoot shell kit available, low hours, Stk $79, EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

JADE EQUIPMENT is presently looking for Shop & Field Mechanics for our Edmonton Branch. Please forward your resume to:


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